What is a Reverse Wishlist?

Take a look in your closet, open your drawers, or peek in the garage, and chances are…you’re going to find an unwanted gift collecting dust, taking up space, or inching its way closer and closer to a thrift shop. We’ve all been there before…received a heartfelt gesture that doesn’t quite fit, measure up to expectations, or appeal to our personal sense of style.

And…in an attempt to avoid hurting feelings or destroying a gift-givers’ excitement when they’re sure they’ve found the ‘perfect’ gift, most of us don’t say a thing.

Did you know there’s something you can do to avoid this scenario?

Say ‘hello‘ to pickURgift… the site that allows users to create what is called a ‘Reverse Wishlist™,’ where gift ideas are added to a personalized online list that is emailed to family and friends. Recipients browse the list, and then select the gift(s) that they like the most. In the end, you’re gifting something that a recipient really wants or needs.

You’re happy…they’re happy – it’s a win-win situation.

A Reverse Wishlist™also eliminates indecisiveness.

How many times have you come up with tons of interesting and fun ideas, but just don’t know which one to settle on?  And even though you might remember that Mom needs a new purse, you still have to select a label, style, size, and even the color.

In some cases, it’s not always easy to come up with a good gift idea for all of the people in your life (which is where our blog comes in handy). We’ll set you in the right direction to find gifts by type, gender, personality, occupation, and of course, occasion.

The overall gift-giving process itself can be a hair-pulling experience, but it doesn’t have to be – pickURgift’s Reverse Wishlist™ is a resourceful tool for all shoppers.

A Video About the Reverse Wishlist™

Creating a Reverse Wishlist™ is easy, and can help avoid some of the nervousness and anxiety that comes with choosing the ‘perfect’ gift because with pickURgift, you know you’ve selected a present that will get a guaranteed seal of approval.


Having trouble formulating your gift lists?

Don’t resort to giving a gift card when you don’t have to. Browse the gift suggestions and information found on our blog to gain inspiration, and to create a more personalized way to say ‘happy birthday,’ ‘good luck,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘Happy Valentine’s Day,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘bon voyage‘…well, you get the picture.

8 comments on “What is a Reverse Wishlist?

  1. I can see using this is so many situations. I don’t like wasting money on gifts that just sit there! This is also great for my family that lives far away. Now I can be sure that I don’t get them something they already have, or that they aren’t into anymore.

  2. This is a great idea! The possibilities are endless. Works well for people who want to do crafting gifts as well. :-)

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