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How to Use PickUrGift

Whether you love shopping for others or for yourself, you’re going to be thrilled with the services pickURgift has to offer. It’s incredibly easy to use; if you can navigate other popular websites, then you can definitely handle pickURgift. Here’s a quick rundown of how to use the service.

Using the UR Button

One of the most important (and helpful) things you need to know about is the UR button. You can download it quickly (it takes just a few seconds) and it sits in your browser, waiting for you to use it. It will then be available for whenever you need it – when you spot a gift you’d like for yourself or that you would like for someone else. You can use the UR button with virtually any browser and with mobile devices like your iPad.

Learn how to be a UR button expert!

Creating Gift Lists

You can create gift lists from your dashboard after signing up for an account, or you can wait and create the gift lists when you find an item you want to add. Gift lists make it easy to organize different types of gift ideas into specific categories. Some great examples of gift lists include:

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Writer Gifts
  • Co-Worker Gifts
  • Party Gifts

Adding and Using Contacts

Adding contacts makes it easy for you to communicate gift ideas and send a Reverse Wishlist. To invite someone to use pickURgift, simply use your dashboard to add a contact and enter the information when prompted. If you have contacts, you will have the option to select whether a gift is for them or not when you add a gift to one of your lists.

Personalizing a Gift List

If you’ve decided you want to send a gift list to someone, whether the gift ideas are for you or them, you can personalize the message first. Simply visit your gift page and on the left side of the page, select “edit gift list.” You will be taken to a page which will allow you to add a picture and specify who the gift is for.

You can even leave a message for the recipient on this page. When you’re finished, click “save changes.” You will be taken back to the gift list page where you can enter an email address and send the list.

It couldn’t be easier to use pickURgift to save ideas, send ideas to others and create a wish list to ensure that you get the gifts you want. If you have any questions at all, shoot us an email and we’d be glad to help you out. Happy gifting!

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