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Welcome to the pickURgift blog!

Here, we have created an extension of our vision to help simplify the gift-giving tradition.

While our main website allows you to create reverse wishlists and personal gift lists, our blog provides you with the ideas to help build these lists.

In addition to jump-starting your creative juices as you begin shopping, the pickURgift blog will also highlight information that enhances the enjoyment and ease of giving gifts, including:

•    the latest products, goods, services, and trends
•    gift guides– from Keurig machines to Coach bags
•    companies and businesses to consider
•    interesting ways to package, decorate, and send your gifts
•    major holidays, as well as lesser-known gift-giving occasions

…and of course, we’ll guide you on how to take full advantage of the benefits that our users receive from pickURgift.

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