Pre-Order the Amazon Kindle Fire for Only $49.99 and Save Money for Accessories

Kindle Fires are now 49 99jpgFrom reading the latest bestseller to watching back-to-back seasons of ‘Orange is the New Black,’ tablets provide access to a high level of entertainment for all ages. Educational apps help supplement classroom studies, as well as keep kids busy during long car trips. Adults can easily get their TV-, movie-, music- and gaming fix by using these compact, highly portable, Wi-Fi enabled devices that provide hours of amusement, and Amazon has recently upped the game.

With a release date of September 30, Amazon Kindle Fires are now priced at $49.99 – and the company is taking pre-orders now.

Amazon Kindle Fire Highlights

Besides the price, there are plenty of features that come with the Kindle Fire (too many to mention in this post), but a few to zero in on include:

Durability: In comparison to the latest iPad Air, the Kindle Fire is deemed two times more durable (according to ‘tumble tests’).

Battery Life: The Kindle Fire offers up to 7 hours of mixed use battery life – plenty of time to read your favorite books, watch movies, and binge Netflix.

Expandable Storage Space: The Kindle Fire comes with 8GB of storage space for your movies, photos, music, games and apps, which is expandable up to 128 GB with the purchase of a microSD card. Users also receive free unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content and photos taken with a Fire device.

Amazon Kindle Fire Has a New Lower Price

Amazon Underground: The app store offers nearly $10,000 worth of apps, games, and in-app items that are 100% free of charge – including Angry Birds Slingshot Stella, Sonic Dash, Fruit Ninja, and Frozen Free Fall.

Amazon FreeTime: Parents can take care in knowing that they have the ability to set daily limits for tablet use for younger users. In addition to restricting access to certain categories (such as videos and games), the option to provide unlimited time for reading is always available.

What Can You Do with the Kindle Fire?

  • Read to Your Heart’s Content: Millions of e-book and magazine titles await the avid reader. The device also connects to the largest online community of book lovers on Goodreads. Consider the possibilities of getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription. And with Audible, you can also listen to your favorite publications.
  • Take Pictures and Record Video: With a VGA front-facing camera (and access to a 2 MP rear-facing camera), users can take snapshots and also capture life in motion with 720p HD video recording capabilities.
  • Watch Amazon Video: There are thousands of movies and TV shows to help viewers of all ages overcome boredom.
  • Listen to Music: With Prime Music, users gain ad-free access to over a million songs.
  • Check Out Over 300,000 Apps: Those new to the Kindle Fire should know that more than 300,000 apps are available for the device, with plenty of new ones popping up on a frequent basis.

Apps for Amazon Kindle FireThe Amazon Kindle Fire makes an ideal gift for:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire is Fun for EveryoneGrandparents
  • Children, especially younger kids in need of educational stimulation
  • Occasional Internet surfers
  • Avid readers and e-book downloaders
  • Someone who doesn’t have a smartphone
  • Travelers and frequent road trippers

Make it a Six-Pack – Buy Five, Get One Free

Currently, Amazon is also offering a spectacular deal – perfect for early Christmas shoppers.Buy Five Kindle Fires Get One Free

The company is giving one free Kindle Fire when five are purchased at the same time. Simply use code FIRE6PACK to take advantage of this deal. This offer is ideal for teachers who’d like to gift their classroom with compact learning tools, or for grandparents looking to please all the kiddies without having to worry about siblings feeling left out.

Kindle Sleeve by OhKoeyAnother good thing about purchasing an Amazon Kindle Fire for $49.99 over another model is that you’ll have leftover money to spend on Kindle accessories that would make lovely birthday gifts or presents under the Christmas tree. A few to note include:

  • Kindle Fire cover – spring for a personalized one
  • Kindle Fire cases – slim, standing or protective
  • Kindle Fire memory card
  • Compatible keyboard for Kindle Fire
  • Quirky sleeve or cover from Etsy (like the OhKoey example shown)

What do you think of the new $49.99 price for the Kindle Fire?

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31 comments on “Pre-Order the Amazon Kindle Fire for Only $49.99 and Save Money for Accessories

  1. Everyone would love these in my family

  2. My wife would love this.

  3. I want a tablet. I have considered getting the Kindle Fire.

  4. That’s a Killer deal! I know a few boys who would love one for Xmas! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. My grandmother uses an old kindle. I think this would be such a great gift for her! Thank you!

  6. Wow I cant believe what a steal that is! My kindle library is already extensive too, the perfect excuse to get the device!

  7. I got the first Kindle Fire they ever made, and I still have it all of these years later. It was $199 then. The new one is so much better and such a great deal!
    I also had a Nook – don’t buy one. The devices themselves are less expensive, but BN doesn’t stand behind their products and the books are more expensive. I’ll take Kindle any day. I’m looking to get the 10 inch one now and maybe a new kids Kindle for my daughter. Or maybe this one for $49.99.

  8. Thats such a good price! I have an ipad and never was really into digital reading until my ipad.

  9. I am loving that price. I currently use the free Kindle on my desktop but it gets mighty uncomfortable sitting and reading–I would love to be able to lie down and read. I am definitely going to be checking into this for me!

  10. $50 is an amazing deal for these! I may have to get one to help with homeschooling! Thank you for sharing this deal!

  11. I can’t believe how affordable this is at less than $50! I am going to grab a few of these as holiday gifts for some of our family members that would really get a lot of use out of this great tech.

  12. that is really a great price. I bought one for my daughter last year and it was double that. :)

  13. I read how the prices has gone down. And if my daughter was younger I would definitely opt for this but we are iPad family and sadly my life is complicated enough to figuring out/linking another devices.

  14. That’s a super great deal on the Kindle. I purchased one last year for my son but now it’s collecting dust because he burnt it out from using it. lol

  15. Great deal. Used my $25 off ordered my Mom one for Christmas. I am stoked.

  16. That is such a great deal. I need a new Kindle. I think I have one of the first ones ever made. lol

  17. I love my kindle! This is an excellent deal!

  18. Awesome price… i heard great things about Kindle.. well,… i love Amazon, can’t complaint anything about their service

  19. We have two kindle fires in this house already. I do want to get another one because my boys fight over the one on long road trips, so this deal is perfect and just in time for Christmas.

  20. I haven’t seen a kindle fire in person, but my husband has one of the other kindle readers, and its very light. Seems so easy to pack and have with you anywhere.

  21. I did see this announcement and did some research. There are some limitations to it, and it’s supported by ads. I personally would pass.

  22. Wow that is a fabulous price! This would make a fabulous Christmas gift!

  23. Omg! That seems like such a great price for a kindle!!!!! Perfect for a holiday gift… Omg can’t believe I’m already thinking holiday lol

  24. Woah, now that’s an awesome deal. Although I already have an iPad, I do have a few friends who are in the market for a new eReader (and who can bet that price!)

  25. That’s an awesome price. My grandson broke my first Kindle and I love my Kindle fire, but I like the regular one when I’m on the beach because of the no-glare feature. Looks like I need to buy myself a present.

  26. I’m a hardcore paper book person, but this is so tempting! I love the idea of having a whole library take up no more space than one textbook. I may or may not be putting this on my wishlist 😀

  27. I hear great things about the kindle. I’m thinking of getting one for my oldest for Christmas. He loves to read so I think it’s a perfect gift!

  28. I’m an apple girl but that’s a great price!

  29. This is AWESOME! I’m telling my husband because this is on my Christmas wish list!

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