Cool Pocket Gadgets to Give as a Gift

Good things come in small packages” is a saying that applies to the gift ideas featured in this post, which centers on exploring the intriguing world of pocket gadgets. Especially appealing to tech lovers who keep their ears open for news regarding the latest electronic gadgets, you’d be surprised with how many innovative inventions the industry welcomes each year. Although pocket gadget are on the smaller side (typically the more compact versions of larger products on the market), these gadgets still make a huge impact on gift recipients.

To score cool points (especially with a tech-minded loved one), consider some of the following gadget gift ideas:

DXO - Camera Enhancement for iPhone


Made for active photo takers who own an iPhone, the DxO ONE is a high-end camera that connects to the smartphone to make professional-quality images a reality. With the power to automatically enhance any photo taken, the DxO also becomes an asset when capturing video as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, this small device provides 20.2 megapixel pictures and is half the size of a deck of cards. Offering a “pro-level image sensor and bright lens,” users plug the device into the base of an iPhone, which provides access to a viewfinder and centralized command.


When shopping for music lovers with a tech side, the industry has been abuzz with the launch of the first wireless, pocket-sized instrument in the world for creating mobile music. Minim works with preferred music creation apps that go beyond basic touchscreen capabilities. With the ability to play any sound, such as guitar, drums, synths and samples on one compact device, users can make music with 3D motion control, expressive pads, and touch sensitive technology. Equipped with a long-lasting battery, this innovative pocket gadget sounds pretty impressive.

Minim - Pocket Sized Music Maker

The same size as a smartphone, you can hold the device in your hand; clamp to a mic stand, or play on a table top. Compatible software for the iPhone, iPad, or Mac allows users to control audio with an iOS or OS X device.

Sounds like something fun? Well, you’ll have enough time to save up your pennies to buy – the expected release date for this pocket gadget is Feb 1st, 2016, which you can also preorder now.


Whether they hit the nature trails or enjoy commuting to work through the city streets, bike-riders and cyclists run the risk of experiencing a much-dreaded flat tire. Having access to a bicycle pump really comes in handy, and with Mobo, you can gift an avid mountain biker or cyclist with a pocket-sized solution. Compact and made with a lightweight aluminum design, Mobo delivers psi that you need, and accommodates standard valves and both Presta and Woods valves by adapter.

Mobo Portable Pocket Sized Air Pump for Bikes

Additionally, when you buy Mobo as a gift, a mounting rack for easy transportation is included, as well as a needle which pumps up any type of ball.

Smartphone Pocket Projector

Ideal for movie lovers (and family members in the business industry), the Smartphone Pocket Projector is a versatile gift idea because it provides a way to share digital, visual and audio information on a larger and more interesting scale. Use this small gadget to transform an iPhone, Android smartphone, or iPad into a projector that provides 90 minutes of power per charge of its lithium-ion battery. An integral speaker accommodates the display of video media, while users can also play audio from a source device’s speakers. The device can also connect to desktop computers with the included VGA cable; or through the mini HDMI port. The built-in media player also allows for the sharing of images and video directly from a USB drive or micro SD card.

The Smartphone Pocket Projector

Just some of the ways this projector can be used includes:

  • Entertaining kids with larger-than-life cartoons stretched across the living room wall
  • Presenting wedding or vacation photos at a family gathering
  • Having a business presentation or proposal ready for viewing at anytime

Sold by Hammacher Schlemmer, this device also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

You never know when it’ll come in handy to have instant access to a printed photo, which is why the Portable Smartphone Photo Printer (sold by Hammacher Schlemmer) makes a cool gift for on-the-go photographers, This wireless printer the size of your palm allows users to instantly print images from their smartphone. Use the free app to add borders, captions and other accents before printing photos that are waterproof, fingerprint-proof, and deemed never to fade. Just think how cool it would be to send kids home from a birthday party with an instant snapshot.

Portable Smartphone Photo PrinterThe printer’s battery takes 1 ½ hours to charge via the included USB cable, and is capable of printing up to 10 pictures after a full charge. Your gift comes with 10 sheets of paper; additional paper cartridges can be purchased. This gadget is compatible with all iPhone devices (including iPhone 6/5s/5c/5), the iPad, and iPod Touch models running iOS 5 and up, as well as Android-powered devices running OS 2.3 and up.

Pocket Fishing Rod

While there may not be any fancy buttons to push – it’s the innovation and functionality that makes a Pocket Fishing Rod an appealing gift. With one of these convenient pen-shaped rods, these types of gadgets are small and compact unit fits nicely in a glove compartment, backpack and a pants pocket. Designed for fishermen of all skill levels, the rods usually extend to reach over 3 ½ feet in length – typically from a pen composition measuring only around 8 inches. Browse Amazon.com to find an array of styles, colors, and features, such as the following models:

Portable Pocket Fishing Rods and Reels

Camera Lens Kitchen Timer

Although technically not a pocket-sized gadget, but still a small kitchen gadget worth mentioning is the fully functioning Camera Lens Kitchen Timer – ideal for the photographer who loves to cook or the foodie who enjoys taking images of their culinary masterpieces. Use this eye-catching conversation piece to count down from up to one hour. ThinkGeek.com used to sell this gem, but you’ll have to track it down online elsewhere; a few places to look include Amazon.com and PerpetualKid.com.

Gamago Camera Lens Kitchen Timer

Epic’s Virtual Keyboard

Avid tablet and smartphone users often purchase accessories to enhance the speed, ease and overall experience. No need to rely on a laptop or futz with a bulky keyboard attachment when you have something like Epic’s Virtual Keyboard, a space-saving gadget for on-the-go people. This device fits in the palm of your hand, and can project a laser-based keyboard on any flat surface for about two hours on one charge. Also compatible with Bluetooth devices (such as iPads, iPhones, smartphones and tablets), one of the places you can purchase this gadget is on ThinkGeek.com.

Epic's Virtual Keyboard

StickNFind GPS Tracking “Stickers”

For the forgetful family member or friend, StickNFind comes in handy because it adds a GPS location tracking to any item – ideal for avid travelers tracking their luggage; for the individual constantly losing important items; and for the TV lovers who frequently misplacing the remote. Never lose your wallet or car keys in the house again.

StickNFind GPS Location Tracking Stickers

Could also come in handy for tracking people and other living things:

  • Provides peace of mind for parents shopping with kids.
  • Could monitor the location of elderly parents with dementia or Alzheimer’s who have wandered off within close proximity.
  • Help located a hard-to-find pet hiding in the house.

An accompanying app allows for tracking the item within 100 feet, which offers a radar screen indicating the approximate location of an item based upon the device’s GPS location. The gadget has a battery life of up to one year, and works with the iPhone 4S and above, iPad 3 and above, iPod Touch and various Samsung and Android devices. Available in a rainbow of colors, these mini-trackers are sold in sets of two.

To find more information on the above-mentioned products, as well as view a few other pocket gadgets, don’t forget to check out our extended gift list.

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What pocket gadget(s) shown here looks like the most fun?

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  1. From all of the items mentioned above, my favorite pick was the Mobo. Yes, because it is very essential to bikers.

    Mhar Sefcik

  2. i need that photo printer, now. that musical gadget is cute too… my daughter just got into piano and guitar.

  3. What! These are the coolest gadgets that I never knew existed! I really want that DxO One. I have a semi-professional camera that I lug around with me when I go somewhere photo-worthy, but it’d be nice to use my phone instead. Less stuff to carry around :)

  4. The virtual keyboard is blowing my mind. I never would have know that existed. I like that first one too that enhances smartphone pics. Brilliant!

  5. Love the phone printer! I have over 3000 photos on my phone and at least half of those should be printed and tucked away safety in an album. I know what I want for my birthday!

  6. All of these pocket sized gadgets would make for great Christmas gifts! My SIL would love the camera lense kitchen timer! Think I might have to snag it to surprise her!

  7. I love camera lens kitchen times! I should “hint” to my husband that it would be a cool gift for me :)

  8. I NEED that kitchen timer! It is so cool!

  9. Definitely grabby-hands over here! The projector and printer are especially nice!

  10. I love the idea of enhancing my smartphone camera. I’ll have to see if there’s printer and camera enhancer for android phones.

  11. All these gadgets are too cool! I love the virtual keyboard.

  12. I didn’t even know some things existed! I love love the portable printer, I wish someone would buy it for me 😀

  13. I really like the DxO camera and the photo printer! Gadgets are fun to give as gifts, they are well appreciated.

  14. I would love the stickers. Those would so helpful.

  15. Loving that DxO One – I may just have to put that on a christmas list! 😉

  16. These gadgets are all so cool. I especially like the smartphone printer.

  17. A few of these are really awesome! I love the kitchen camera and the tracking devices.

  18. The Dx0 One looks amazing! I definitely need to try it to take my photos to the next level. I like that instant iphone photo printer too. I don’t have any hard copies of my photos anymore. Such a tragedy!

  19. I need a MOBO to carry in my bike pack!!

  20. Wow – I want to try each of these! What cool gift ideas!

  21. Those are so neat! Great for any techy

  22. There are too many things here that I want to try! The photo printer is my own wishlist for Christmas. I miss printing out pictures and I hate that everything lives on the computer. I will have to start saving!

  23. I have to get the camera lens kitchen timer for my photographer BFF! Love this. Thanks!

  24. Loving the bike repair, the portable movie viewer, and the printer – those are just my top list choices – each one is fab to have – thank you :)

  25. How cool!! I wish they had that DXo for Android!! I would love one of those!

  26. My hubby would love a mobo! He rides his bike all the time.

  27. OH my gosh a pocket fishing rod! My brother would have loved that, fishing was his l ife!

  28. A pocket fishing rod sounds like a great gift idea for my dad. He loves to do spontaneous things with his friends and most of the time they’d end up going to the lake. The pocket fishing rod will be very handy.

  29. These are super cool gadgets. My husband could use that Mobo stick and I could use the tracking stickers as I always forget where I placed my keys.

  30. So many great ideas. I like the pocket air pump. If your riding the trail, you never know when you might need to add air.

  31. These are great gift ideas! I have never seen a kitchen timer like the camera lens before I love to bake and take pictures too. I may have to put that on a wish list for my husband.

  32. I love all of these gift ideas! My favorite gift idea is the Portable Smartphone Photo Printer. How neat!

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  35. Thanks so much for sharing this cool doodads! I love that pocket projector.

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