Yay or Nay? Giving MiniDrones as Gifts

Would you Gift a MiniDrone - A Look at Parrots New Lineup

The news is abuzz with the usefulness of drones and the fine line they can also cross in terms of privacy. From Amazon.com getting ready to start using drones to deliver packages to MiniDrone toys controlled by smartphones, an increasing number of people are expressing interest in having a drone of their own. Serving as collector items and extreme fun for tech-related hobbyists, the market is booming with new models of drones for all ages. Would you ever gift one?

Despite published accounts of drone users pushing the limits, not all drones are used for spying purposes…let’s take a look at the line of products that Parrot puts out – filled with technologically advanced toys that blend robotics and creative play. Controlled by a smartphone app and equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, Parrot is ready to impress with a handful of new MiniDrones that accommodate ground, air and water movement.

To get an idea of the next Christmas gift or birthday present you give with a ‘wow’ factor, consider the following:Parrot Jumping Night Drone

Parrot Jumping Drones

Parrot’s line of jumping drones can spin around, jump, roll upside down, push or hit an object, and perform other programmed actions that make entertaining, maneuverable use possible. In addition to an embedded camera, these drones also have embedded speaker and walkie-talkie features which make communication possible. Another cool feature is that the drones can jump up to 2 ½ feet in height and length…and will always land on its wheels. Although the battery life for these types of drones is 20 minutes, a quick charge only takes 25 minutes.

Parrot Jumping Race Drone

These drones also have 4GB of flash memory.

Two new additions include:

  • The Jumping ‘Night’ Drone: Using the FreeFlight 3 application, users can turn on and adjust a set of impressive LED lights to create a MiniDrone that can “see in the dark.” These drones have the ability to patrol the outdoors, and conduct video reports (even when it’s dark outside).
  • The Jumping ‘Race’ Drone: For those who enjoy racing cars, perhaps a MiniDrone equipped with quick acceleration; two large retractable wheels that accommodate all driving styles; and the capability to reach bursts of speed clocking in at 6-8 miles per hour would make an ideal gift.

Parrot Airborne Night Drone

Parrot Airborne Drones

Dubbed ‘flying acrobatic robots,’ Parrot has enhanced the capabilities of airborne drones with their Airborne ‘Night’ and Airborne ‘Cargo’ models. These lovelies are capable of executing mid-air stunts, and are sure to put on quite a show. Both are flyable in the indoors and outdoors. With an average battery life of 9 minutes without hull (and easily rechargeable within 25 minutes), these drones can reach maximum speeds of 11 miles per hour.

Parrot Airborne Cargo Drone

1GB of flash memory is included for the following options:

  • The ‘Night’ is constructed to fly during the day, as well as in the nighttime. It’s equipped with two powerful LED lights where users can adjust the intensity.
  • The ‘Cargo’ is especially made for those who’d like to use their drone to transport items, such as LEGO figurines, toy bricks and other small items. As you can see, there is a little LEGO-compatible nib on the top of the craft. You may consider this gift idea for someone interested in making a MiniDrone movie.

And, not all drones are for the ground and sky…

Parrot’s Hydrofoil Drone

The Hydrofoil is a small quadcopter that attaches to a boat body made out of foam and plastic. When powered, the copter propels the boat forward across water. When the Hydrofoil reaches its top speed of 6 miles per hour, the craft actually rises two inches so that it can skim the surface of the water. It’s definitely a sight to see and fun gift idea for a water enthusiast. Users can control the Hydrofoil via Bluetooth at a range up to 80 feet.

Parrot Hydrofoil Drone

The Hydrofoil can be controlled via Bluetooth at a range of up to 80 feet, and also operates as a stand-alone quadcopter that reaches speeds of 11 miles per hour. 1GB of flash memory is included.

How do you feel about giving a MiniDrone as a gift?

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31 comments on “Yay or Nay? Giving MiniDrones as Gifts

  1. This definitely a Christmas gift.

  2. I bet my brother in laws would love these so I’d get it for them probably.

  3. I don’t know much about minidrones but they look like a great gift for a boy. Boys seem to love anything futuristic or robotic. :)

  4. I don’t really know a lot about mini drones, so it’s hard for me to decide. However, with that said, I am all for learning more about gifts since Christmas season is coming up! Thanks for sharing and I’ll keep this in mind :)

  5. Usage of Drones has been in news ever since it was told that Amazon is going to use them to deliver packages. Giving a drones as a gift is a great idea which kids would love so much in particular.

  6. This would definitely make a great gift for my little brother. I’ve seen people post videos of drones on Instagram and Snapchat and it always looks so cool.

  7. I know of a few people in my family that would love one of these. ONe of them is my dad! lol

  8. My husband likes to take unique pictures of trains and I think a drone would be perfect for that. They do kinda make me nervous because of the whole privacy thing though.

  9. These are so much fun! My igrls would love these!

  10. I think they’re super cool, but I can see how they’d become pretty consuming. That being said, I have a gamer in the family so it couldn’t get worse than that. lol

  11. My kids would love to have a drone. I think they are a really great idea if they are used in the right way and don’t invade others privacy.

  12. I guess if someone was into those then I would!

  13. My mom actually gave my step dad a drone last yr for Christmas and he LOVED it! I would definitely get one for my husband!

  14. I’m not sure about giving one. Maybe giving a gift certificate so the recipient could pick out which one they wanted/

  15. I don’t know how I feel about giving drones as a gift but if someone desperately wanted a drone I would buy it. They would look amazing in photos though.

  16. I would get this for fun, really. Lol. But I’m sure my nephew would appreciate this very much.

  17. I think as long as someone is responsible with it and doesn’t use it for harm or interfering with someone’s privacy than it is a definite yay!

  18. I know several people who would love a minidrone. I think it would be a great gift.

  19. I feel like my son would love these when he gets a little older! I feel like the boat drone would be really fun at the beach or lake!

  20. These are probably some of the coolest drones I have seen. Not sure if I would give them as a gift, but I would definitely consider it.

  21. These things are seriously so cool! I know my son would get a kick out of these!

  22. oh my gosh – my son would have loved them – I think that some toys need to be checked on as far as how they’re being used, of course – what fun

  23. My Son would love one of these. I think they would be a ton of fun.

  24. I want one!! Our family has RC cars and some very easy planes to fly. In our little community I would love to have one to fly over the woods around here. I also echo what commenter Smith says….She is spot on.

  25. I think they are super cool and would make a great gift for a technology person. I’m just curious if the government will step in one day and ban them.

  26. very great gift idea for tech lover. I never heard about this product before. My son love racing cars. I’ll tell him about this

  27. Yay!! This is smart gift ideas and unique.

  28. I would say no for now. My son can get easuly distracted with this kind of stuff. I want his to focus on study first.

  29. I would love one for areal photography and I think it would even help with some of my blog photos. My husband wants one because to him its just another flying toy. I DO worry about privacy for sure but you know a bad person is going to do bad things with any tech we have these days from scammers on the Internet, computer hackers, heck even scanning our wallets and stealing our credit card info these days. It is going to happen, we are going to have drones all over the place, nothing we can do about it. Its like the outlaws having tons of guns and weapons while the good people have to register, sometimes take gun safety classes etc depending on where they live. The bad guys will do what they do, I suppose at least we can use drones to spy on them spying on us to put them in jail lol. So YAY is my answer.

  30. I say yay! My boys will get totally get hooked if they have this. I think it’ll make a great gift idea for tech savvy people.

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