5 Gift Subscription Box Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

5 Gift Subscription Box Ideas for DogsWhether you are thinking of spoiling your pooch or looking for a fun gift for a dog lover, the ability to offer a wide variety of gifted goodies truly enhances the gesture. That’s why gift subscription boxes for dogs – centered on all things canine – are exciting for both pooches and their owners. From indestructible pull toys to organic treats, owners who subscribe to these services often say the monthly deliveries send their companions into a frenzy of happiness.

Below you will find a few subscriptions to consider as gifts:

1. PawPack

Over the years, a great deal of strides has been made with subscribers looking for monthly deliveries filled with eco-friendly beauty products, healthier snacks, and natural creations. Nowadays, companies such as PawPack would like to treat canines to the same healthy and sustainable types of products – just for dogs. Promising wholesome products featuring all-natural and grain free foods, treats, toys, grooming goodies, and other accessories – PawPack’s monthly subscription box also comes with a 100% allergy guarantee.

PawPack for Dogs from Conscious Box

You can choose to subscribe to 1-, 6- and 12-month plans.

PawPack is also available for dogs and cats.

2. BarkBox

With loads of high ratings and reviews from happy pet owners, BarkBox is an ultra-popular option in the world of dog monthly subscription boxes. After indicating the size of the lucky pooch, the company will customize a box filled with healthy treats, toys and chews to fit his or her needs. Box categories include Small and Cute (0-20 pounds), Just Right (20-50 pounds), and Big and Bold (50+ pounds).

BarkBox Dog Subscription Box

Shipped on the 15th of every month, the company offers 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12 month plans – all with free delivery. For gift-givers, BarkBox has a handful of different ways to make sure your recipient gets their present. And, you can take care in knowing that 10% of all profits BarkBox receives have (and continues to help) over 3,000 shelters and rescues in the U.S. and Canada.

3. Surprise my Pet

Surprise My Pet delivers subscription boxes for dogs that are customized to fit the size of a pooch: Tiny (less than 10 pounds), Small (10-20 pounds), Medium (20-50 pounds), or Large (50+ pounds). After filling out a profile on the dog in question, the company can better tailor the items sent out. Month-to-month plans are available with savings that come when longer subscriptions of 3 months and 1-year long are ordered. All plans ship for free.

Surprise my Pet Dog Subscription Box

A cool feature of this subscription box is that the company offers a Paw for Paw Guarantee, where if your canine completely ignores one of the toys or treats in their box, they will send out a replacement item for free.

4. Pooch Perks

Offering an entire box with made-in-the-USA treats and other items, Pooch Perks chooses goodies to fill their monthly subscription boxes comprised of natural ingredients that are safe for human consumption. With no added artificial preservatives, the edibles are predominately organic, natural, non-GMO and/or gluten free. Pooch Perks also shows preference to companies that produce small batch, gourmet items. Additional features of the box include full-size toys built to last safely, and assortments specifically selected to fit small breeds or medium-large dogs.

Pooch Perks Subscription Box for Dogs

You can choose from four different box options:

  • Pennypincher Pooch (2-3 items)
  • Popular Pooch (4 items)
  • Patriotic Pooch (5-6 item) – the entire box contains made-in-the-USA products
  • Pampered Pooch (6 items)

The company also ships a Treats-Only box. A dog lover’s bonus with this company is that a portion of every subscription is donated towards helping abused and neglected dogs.

5. Pet Box

Ideal for gifting to a picky dog, Pet Box allows customization of their gift subscription boxes, if you like. So, you can opt to be surprised with the treats, toys, food and grooming products that are delivered each month, or play a role in picking out the items that fill the box. Some of the things you might find in a Pet Box include skin and coat supplements, uniquely flavored treats, multivitamins, and all-natural chew toys. This company creates boxes for both dogs and cats.

Pet Box Dog Subscription Box

Membership plans start as low as $7.95 per month, and there are a few flexible options to fit every budget. When delivered within the U.S., boxes ship for free. Additionally, it should warm your heart to know that for every box that ships out, an animal in need is fed.

What are your thoughts on gift subscription boxes for pets?

About Yona Williams

In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

46 comments on “5 Gift Subscription Box Ideas for Dogs and Dog Lovers

  1. My pets got a chance to try out pet box and they loved it! I plan on purchasing some more!

  2. Aww these are so cute! My dog is so old that she can’t chew many toys/treats, so we haven’t done a box like this. These would be perfect for little puppies who need to chew!!

  3. OMG this is so cute! We can’t have dogs because my fiancé is allergic #cry! lol.. but my mom has 3 and this would be so awesome for her to get. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I didn’t know that they made pet subscription boxes. What a wonderful idea for pet lovers.

  5. These are so fun! I might have to get my brother’s dog one of these for Christmas.

  6. I nevee knew this existed. I am passing this along to my mom with jer fur babies

  7. I love subscription boxes, and hadn’t heard of most of these pet-friendly ones. This’ll be great to keep in mind for holiday gifts :)

  8. What a fun way to give your dog some doggie mail! I only wish that my dog liked treats and toys!!

  9. At this rate, our dog will be spoiled rotten. Of course, he’s pretty old and puts up with a lot of shenanigans from three rambunctious toddlers, so he’s earned it.

  10. I did not know that there was subscription boxes for pets I guess they really have thought of everything that is awesome!

  11. I have been so tempted to try a subscription box. With having two dogs, I bet they would love getting these gooodies.

  12. These are so cool! I know a little pup that would love one!

  13. How cute! I didn’t know there were doggy subscription boxes! I will have to check these out for my puppy, Pippa! :)

  14. I have always curious about some of these pet subscription services. I will definitely love to subscribe to one for my dog!

  15. I think subscription boxes make great gifts. My Sister has two little dogs she would love to get a box for.

  16. I’ve seen a ton of different ideas for subscription boxes but I never would have thought they would have come up with one for dogs! Such a cute gift idea!

  17. These look like great boxes for dogs. I have heard of a few of them.

  18. these are awesome!!! i had no idea that there were so many boxes for pups! i have a friend that has two dogs and i’ll have to share this with her.

  19. Love all of these. Such great ideas I really want to try the bark box. Every time I’ve seen it I love all the contents!

  20. Its good to see that there’s such a variety available now. I’m loving subscription boxes.

  21. My 2 dogs would love ANY of these subscription boxes! I need to take a jab at a couple of them and see what we get!

  22. Oh wow, any dog owner would be delighted to receive any of those subscription boxes for sure. You have just given me an idea of what to give my in-laws. :)

  23. how fun are these boxes? I love that you can surprise your pet with fun snacks and toys!

  24. I’d probably be interested in this subscription box, however I would opt for a one time purchase and give it as a gift to friends and family members who are true blue dog lovers.

  25. I would be interested in this subscription box but only as a one time purchase, like as a gift to a friend or family member who is a true blue dog lover.Thanks for the suggestions. I will check them out.

  26. Great idea… box subscription is fun! I definitely will order one as a gift

  27. There’s dog subscription boxes? How cool!! There’s really everything out there it’s crazy. What a nice gift for your loved one.

  28. These would be a lot of fun to try out. I’ve heard a lot about Barkbox but PawPack sounds great too.

  29. I’ve seen a lot of subscription boxes for dogs, but I haven’t tried any of them. The ones you featured sound interesting and I’m sure my fur babies would love them. I will check them out.

  30. I didn’t realize there were so many options for dog subscription boxes. I bet my dogs would love any of them.

  31. Awww, that is great. Even fur babies now have subscription boxes. The price is not that bad.

  32. These sound awesome. I will definitely pass this on to my sister that has a dog. I have two kitties! lol

  33. These are fun! I am sure my dog would LOVE to have all these treats! There are a ton of boxes to choose from!

  34. Pawpack sounds like the perfect box for me, thanks for the great info and options 😀

  35. These are really great ideas. I’m sure my dogs would love getting a special box of goodies every month.

  36. I didn’t realize there were so many different dog boxes out there! My friend gets bark box for her dog and she loves when it comes. The dog gets soo excited, he recognizes the packaging!

  37. I like that Box Bark gives back to help shelters and rescues. I just canceled my one and only subscription box. Maybe I should get one for my dog. They all look like great boxes.

  38. Pooch Perks looks great. I think my dog would really love everything in there.

  39. All of these sound awesome. I was actually thinking about signing up for one of these for my own dog :)

  40. I don’t have any pets but this is a great list of boxes for owners of pets. I love that there are so many options to choose from so everyone from

  41. I had no idea this existed. When I started reading I was thinking I wish they had something for cats and at the end you gave me what I wanted. I am definitely checking this out.

  42. Thanks for the roundup list! Great pick.. I am addicted to subscription boxes. I currently have one and I had to cancel 4 last year. I usually collect beauty products.. yes, collect them because i don’t really use them :( i think it’s a bad habit.

  43. These sound like great subscription boxes for dog owners! My parents just got a puppy I may have to order one of these for them. Their puppy loves to try new things out what a great way to do so.

  44. I would love to get one for my furkids! I would probably try BarkBox of PetBox first but they all look excellent! I have subscribed to sub boxes for ages for my husband and myself so why not our babies too! :) Thanks for the comprehensive list. I will do more research on each and pick one to try!

  45. I didn’t know that there are a lot of subscription boxes for dogs. All the goodies in each box sound like great products. My fur babies already love some of them. I will check out these boxes.

  46. Wow. I knew subscription boxes are so trendy now but didn’t realize there were more than one option in the pet subscription boxes! Previously, I was afraid that the contents would be low quality but thanks to your review, I feel more confident about trying some of these boxes! Thanks so much

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