5 Online Retailers that Sell Hats for Men

5 Online Retailers that Sell Men's Hats

Hats are a popular gift for many men – from caps that show their pride in a sports team to fashionable winter hats for special occasions – this fashion accessory usually gets a lot of much-needed use.

Straw Hat from Hats in the BelfryLet’s take my father for example, he’s been pining for a straw hat for ages, which led to me learning the difference between a real straw hat and one that is not (and it’s not just the price). That’s why PickUrGift really comes in handy when shopping for hat gifts because style, color, size and quality really does matter, and sometimes, it’s extremely hard to settle on a hat that doesn’t have to be returned.

If my Dad received a Reverse Wishlist™ filled with hats, he’d be overjoyed. To get started on possible hat gifts for men, we’ve listed a few online retailers to get you started.

Different Types of Mens Hats and Caps

1. Hats in the Belfry

With store locations in Annapolis, Baltimore and Philadelphia, Hats in the Belfry operates an online site that sells an intriguing array of men’s hats and caps to fit any personality, special occasion and style. A few brands found on their site include Kangol, Barbisio, and Christys’ Crown. To get an idea of the variety of styles offered through the online retailer, see above.

Handmade Collection at Hats at the Belfry

In collaboration with some of the finest hat makers in the world, Hats in the Belfry also has a Hand Made collection, which showcases the impressive craftsmanship of the hatters at Stetson, Bollman and Biltmore. Browse this section to find exclusive designs made from the highest quality materials. Customers who shop Hats in the Belfry also enjoy free shipping on orders more than $100, and when you join their mailing list – you will save 20% on your first purchase.

2. JJ Hat Center (Pork Pie Hatters)

The San Sebastian by JJ Hat CenterEstablished in 1911, J.J. Hat Center is the oldest hat shop in New York. If you can’t make it to New York City’s East Village or Fifth Avenue to shop the hat selection of JJ Hat Center, they offer an online site where you can order gifts from the comfort of your own home.

As you browse the selection of men’s hats at J.J. Hat Center, you can shop by style (from spring ivy caps to winter newsboy caps) or shop by brand, from the likes of Akubra, Bailey of Hollywood, Biltmore, Laulhere, Stefeno, and Tesi. Other styles to consider include formal, open crown, teardrop, berets, and western hats made of 100% premium wool felt.

Hats sold at Pork Pie JJ Hat Center

Hats ship in a J.J. Hat Center hat box at no extra charge, and when delivered within the continental U.S. – all hats qualify for free UPS ground shipping. A clearance section helps you save money on a men’s hat, as well as accessories such as leather driving gloves.

3. Hats.com

Hats.com boasts the largest online selection of hats for men, women and children. When browsing the site, choose to zero in on a specific style (such as army caps, bucket hats, visors and top hats); or search by brand – from Eddy Bros. to Country Gentlemen. You’ll find plenty of quirky hat options, such as a few from the Kangol Golf by SLJ line (associated with actor Samuel L Jackson), which are featured below:

Kangol Golf Hats by Samuel L Jackson

Some of the additional features of the site include hats made-in-the-USA, top sellers, and new arrivals. The site is also helpful because it posts a range of hat guides that touches upon a head sizing tool, understanding face shapes, the handling and care of hats, hat materials, and even hat etiquette. Shoppers receive free shipping on orders over $75, and when you subscribe to their email list, expect a 15% off coupon on your next purchase delivered to your Inbox.

4. Hats Plus

Another men’s hat online retailer to consider shopping is Hats Plus, which advertises an inventory of more than 35,000 men’s hats that include seasonal favorites, cowboy hats, fitted hats, leather hats, and straw hats. Just some of the brands featured on the site include Borsalino, Stetson, Betmar, Johnathan Richards, Dobbs, Bailey, Kangol, Guerra, Goorin, and Hats of Ireland.

Caps from Ireland sold by Hats Plus

Caps from Belgium sold by Hats Plus

Overall, this site seems to be one of the more affordable of the bunch (outside of our last recommendation), and offers more conveniently targeted search options. For example, when shopping for men’s caps, you can identify specific brands, styles, manufacturers, country of origin, and price. You can also search for caps by material, such as wool, cashmere, denim, suede, mohair, and lambskin selections. For added savings, there is a ‘Sale’ section with discounted items to browse.

5. Lids

For the sports fan, Lids is a mecca for buying the latest styles and trends in official team hats. Known for offering the largest selection both offline and online, this is the place to shop when you’re looking to please a sports fanatic. Catering to both the collegiate and professional sports fan, you’ll find team hats for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and even international clubs. The majority of hats sold on the site are adjustable, fitted, knit, snapback, strapback, stretch-fitted, and bucket.

Sports Team Hats sold by Lids

In addition to selling hats for sporting fans, you can also find items that celebrate hobbies and interests, such as the line shown below that pays homage to Marvel and DC Comics.

Comic Book Themed Hats sold on Lids

Lids also offers frequent sales, clearance promotions, and added savings when you join the Lids Club for $5, where you’ll save on every hat purchase in the future and enjoy additional perks.

Have you shopped at any of these places?

Share your thoughts below.

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    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

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