Students Can Use PickUrGift to Create a Wishlist for College Textbooks

College Students can Create a Wishlist of Textbooks by Using PickUrGiftIt’s that time of the year again…when college students pack up their belongings and embark on a school year filled with exams, lectures, term papers, and one of the most valuable resources of information…textbooks. Aside from room and board, college textbooks account for a nice chunk of change spent during the academic school year. Struggling students can benefit from any opportunity to save money on textbooks…and believe it or not… PickUrGift can help.

Students can use PickUrGift to create a wishlist of textbooks required for their classes.

When family members ask…what can I help you out with? College students can answer back ‘textbooks’ and then send a prepared list of textbooks needed for the semester. In addition to college textbooks, they can add any school-related materials required for classes – such as workbooks, DVDs, and equipment – like a graphing calculator or science lab materials.

You can add brand new books or gently used textbooks to a PickUrGift list, which can be found sold at a range of online retailers. There are a lot of family members that would like to help a college student beyond handing them cash. For some, they get peace of mind knowing that they’ve directly contributed to getting something that is very much needed in school.6 Online Retailers that Sell New and Used College Textbooks - Use PickUrGift to Create a Wishlist

6 Places that Sell New/Used College Textbooks

1. Textbooks.com

With savings up to 90% off new and used publications, Textbooks.com can help put a dent in that expensive calculus or biology book. Qualifying orders of $25 or more ship for free. The retailer offers an inventory of college textbooks that include more than 10 million titles stored in their warehouse. Other highlights include a 30-day return policy, excellent buyback program, and 50% paid back at the end of the semester on Guaranteed Cash Back book purchases.

2. Chegg

Chegg has built a solid reputation online for selling both new and used college textbooks at deep discounts – some of which are up to 90% off original prices. To navigate the site, simply enter the ISBN or title of the textbook, and Chegg will pull up results that show available purchase options. A cool feature of this site is that Chegg is known to give students free access to the electronic version of a textbook while the physical copy is being shipped out…so that they don’t get behind in their studies.

3. AbeBooks

Another heavy-hitter in the online book world is AbeBooks, which has been selling heavily discounted textbooks for many years. Since thousands of retailers use the site to sell their titles, students can browse various options to pinpoint the best prices and book conditions. Other highlights include fast shipping, international versions of text, and a 30-day refund policy.

4. Half.com

Half.com is affiliated with eBay, and offers access to books and other forms of media in a range of conditions – including brand new, like new, very good, good and acceptable. The varying prices make it easier for consumers to find books that fit within their budget.

College Textbooks

5. ValoreBooks

With various titles marked 90% less than original campus store prices, ValoreBooks is stocked with some of the most sought-after textbooks – especially in the math and science department. According to their site, some students are able to save up to $500 per year on millions of book titles. Other highlights include a 30-day money back guarantee, and students can sell back their books to the company at the end of the semester.

On a side note, ValoreBooks also offers Valore VIP benefits, which includes 10% cash back, free returns, free shipping, as well as discount movie tickets and unlimited study resources.

6. Amazon.com

Although the prices aren’t always the lowest, Amazon.com has a vast selection of new and used textbooks sold by Amazon sellers. As a popular and wide-ranging marketplace, you have a better chance of finding that sold-out, hard-to-find textbook for a deeply discounted price. Those who are Amazon Prime members will also enjoy speedy, free shipping perks.

 Do you think creating a wishlist for college textbooks will help students? What are your experiences buying college textbooks online?

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23 comments on “Students Can Use PickUrGift to Create a Wishlist for College Textbooks

  1. I rented a book for a grad school class. It was a good experience. However, I prefer to buy my books unless it’s a law book that updates regularly. I like to reference my books later for future classes.

  2. Great idea. Books are just too expensive and takes so much out of the budget.

  3. Omg fantastic idea!!! Books cost so much! It’s seriously ridiculous. This would really make anyone happy to get as a gift!

  4. Books are expensive and this is so helpful. Instead of shopping for clothes or gadgets the students have a choice in picking the school books instead.

  5. With the cost of books, this would be so helpful! Great idea! So glad I read about this.

  6. What an awesome thing! College can definitely be so expensive, and the last thing a student needs to stress about is getting their books!

  7. This is a great idea! I could’ve definitely benefited from this when I was in college and I can see myself helping out my nephew when he enrolls in college as well!

  8. I ordered a lot of books from Half.com when I was in college. It’s a great resource!

  9. College textbooks are so expensive and nowadays they get new additions so you can’t really sell them for anything. I love Amazon textbooks. I can rent them for a third of the price. I just did this with my daughter’s text books.

  10. Actually I think this is a great idea and would definitely help students–those books are off the wall expensive!

  11. This is a fantastic idea!! Books can be such an expensive part of college, so having family and friends helping out is a great idea.

  12. My daughter just ordered her books for college on Amazon and they certainly add up. Very expensive indeed. Pickurgift sounds like a great idea! I’ll let my daughter know about it!

  13. This is such a smart idea! I remember how expensive books were in college. They cost more than tuition at times!

  14. It is so great that you can rent and buy textbooks for cheaper. They can be so very expensive new.

  15. This is awesome! Wish it was available when I was studying. It makes it a little easier for parents too.

  16. Great places for wish lists for college students!! IT can be hard to guess what they really need while at college!

  17. Yeah, nowadays you can get your text books from a lot of places, but back when I was in college, it was only from the college bookstore, then you only got a third of them of your money back when you tried to sell your books back to the store. I felt like it was such a rip off.

  18. This is a GREAT idea. We tend to get my husbands textbooks on Amazon, but this would be SO helpful!

  19. This idea is absolutely GENIUS. Textbooks were so pricey back when I was in school–I wish there were options like this because selling used books didn’t really make any money back.

  20. What a great way for college students to get textbooks. The cost can be through the roof so every little bit saved helps!!

  21. I remember when I went to university over 5 years ago now, I was shocked at how expensive books where and to learn that the books I was buying were only good for that academic year was a total blow. This post will be of good help to current students

  22. This is awesome! I myself know how expensive college books can be so these links could really help! Thanks for sharing!

  23. This is a great idea. College is SO expensive now a days that any help they can get the better. I wish this was around when I went to college!

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