Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Gold

Gift Ideas for Those who Love GoldYou may not be able to gift a goose that lays golden eggs, but there are plenty of products, handmade creations, and other trinkets that you can give that are just as thoughtful. Gold is a color that conveys wealth, luxury and success. It’s often used to signify a celebratory moment, and for some, it’s their favorite color. Below you will find a few gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing when shopping for loved ones and friends:

Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree

Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree sold by Uncommon GoodsHandmade by Michale Dancer, this attractive gift is comprised of wood, 24k gold paint, and a hand-rubbed alabaster base, originating from materials collected from the high desert of Southern California. The branches used to make this jewelry tree are natural Manzanita (known as the little apple tree), and come from a real tree to create a dual-purpose – serving as a sculptural work of art and functioning as a display for favorite jewelry pieces. This one-of-a-kind piece is made with eco-friendly materials, and is only sold at Uncommon Goods.

Gold-Rimmed Serving Pieces

Gold Rimmed Housewares sold by Uncommon GoodsFashioned out of 24K gold and glass, Uncommon Goods also sells gold-rimmed gifts – an ideal gesture for hosts and hostesses. Artist Annie Morhauser blends textured glass with a 24k gold banding to create the following handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that are certain to catch the eye:

  • Gold-Rimmed Cheese Platter
  • Gold-Rimmed Serving Pedestal
  • Gold-Rimmed Serving Bow

Gold Flatware Set

Gold Flatware sold by HorchowGold flatware is eye-catching, flashy, shiny and oozes with value. Ideal for wedding- and anniversary gifts, a set also makes a lovely host or hostess gift, ‘thank you’ gesture, and can be used to commemorate a special occasion, such as a marriage engagement or retirement. Featured here is a snapshot of a 45-Piece Gold-Plated Baroque Flatware Service sold by Horchow, which comes with eight five-piece place settings and a five-piece hostess set.

Other online retailers to browse for buying gold flatware include Sur La Table, Macy’s, West Elm, and Anthropologie, which also sells a Doma Serving Set and Set of Gold Doma Coffee Spoons from Italy.

Gold Slide Sandals

With a flashy glow, New Balance makes a pair of synthetic-leather slides with rubber soles in Gold Metallic that pairs comfort with style. Ideal for running errands on a warm day to luxuriating poolside, one place to find these slide sandals is on DSW.com. The direct link is one our extended PickUrGift list for gold and gold-colored gift ideas.

Gold Metallic New Balance Slide SandalsEdible Gold Gifts

Last year, we featured Delafee of Switzerland, a company that sells goods that use gold in the most creative and impressive ways. Some of the standouts to note include the following:

  • Lollipops with Edible Gold – a memorable Valentine’s Day sweet treat
  • Edible Gold Truffles – artisan-crafted Swiss chocolates for anniversaries that truly shine
  • Gold Tea – for the tea lover in your life

And, although you can’t eat it, and your gift recipient may not even smoke it, the company also sells a 24k Gold Cigar – ideal for celebrating the birth of a child in style.

Delafee of Switzerland Gold Gift Ideas

Gold Necklace and/or Gold Charms

Whether you purchase a gold locket, gold leaf statement necklace, or something with a gold charm, jewelry is an easy way to please someone who loves the color. To get an idea on how to take a creative approach, consider the Seashell Necklace sold by Chus Craft, which incorporates freshwater pearls with a real starfish contained inside of a raw brass locket that dangles from an antiqued bronze chain. Especially ideal for sea lovers and beach-goers, don’t you think?

Gold Seashell Necklace sold by Chus Craft

Gold Pillows

When shopping for someone that enjoys the shine of gold home décor, pillows make a thoughtful gesture because of their versatility and function. You can find a gold pillow to fit any occasion, as seen in Festive Home Décor‘s birth announcement pillow; Home Glow‘s newlywed pillows, and Rouge & Co‘s metallic gold monogrammed pillows.

Gold Pillows

Five Golden Rings

The December holiday season brings carolers out of the woodwork to rejoice in the ’12 Days of Christmas,’ and if you’re shopping for someone who loves the color gold…stackable rings certainly allow you to fulfill the fifth day of Christmas in style. For example, Rimma Jewelry sells five handmade, hammered gold-filled ring bands, which they say will not tarnish nor bend…and can be worn every day without showing any signs of wear.Five Stackable Gold Filled Rings sold by Rimma Jewelry

Which gift(s) listed here have caught your eye?

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40 comments on “Gift Ideas for Those Who Love Gold

  1. Gold rimmed serving plates are so pretty. They would go great with my dinning room.

  2. That serving pedestal is gorgeous! It would make the perfect prop for food photography.

  3. I absolutely love gold. Those pillows look like a few that I have in my house. You can never go wrong with gold gifts!

  4. I’ve always loved gold jewelry so I would certainly choose them. But that gold jewelry tree is also nice as well as the pillows.

  5. These are all awesome gold gift ideas indeed for anyone. I love the gold slide sandals and the Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I adore those gold rimmed serving pieces. Elegant and trendy, they’re just perfect!

  7. I know my Mom would love these! So pretty, I will show her this and tell my Dad. 😉

  8. These are all wonderful ideas. I love the shell necklace.

  9. That shell necklace is so beautiful! I also like the silverware in gold. What a great list.

  10. I love that seashell necklace. So pretty. I’m not a fan of gold… Only white gold is my fave everything I own is white gold!

  11. I love the fine china you picked out! My china is trimmed in gold and white noritake. I l ove it.

  12. Wow! Those are really awesome gift ideas. The gold-rimmed plates and the seashell pendant necklace were the ones that caught my attention. Maybe I can hint my family to get these for me!

  13. i love the Gold Flip Flop ! So cool, never seen it before. I love New Balance

  14. These are great gift ideas. I love the jewelry tree and the edible gold treats.

  15. I’m not a gold fan but my mother is. These are really great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing..

  16. I am one that loves gold over sliver. Those shoes though I’m not really sure about, those are really flashy. =) I really love those pillows.

  17. I’ve always thought that gold edibles were about the most luxurious gift one could receive. I’d rather have my gold holding onto a great big gorgeous diamond, though. 😉

  18. I’ve got to get some of those gold rimmed serving platters. I love gold, and those platters have just enough for some pop but not so much that they’re gaudy.

  19. Those are all lovely. I especially adore those gold rimmed serving trays. They’re beautiful.

  20. My Daughter is into gold jewelry. You know, I have a tea set that is 14k gold. My Hubs is wanting to sell it.

  21. Gold is really nice. I don’t wear too much jewelry anymore, so something else that is made of gold would be more my style. I do love edibles that are made with gold wrappers. That usually means yumminess awaits!

  22. I love your selections as always, but what really stood out to me is the jewelry holder tree. I love that its made with Manzanita branches. Very cool.

  23. I am a Platinum girl myself, but I love so many of your ideas. I think they are great for people who like gold.

  24. gold is super elegant! so many gift ideas to choose from! I definitely want the gold branch jewelry holder.

  25. What beautiful gift ideas! I nearly forgot how popular gold utensils used to be…it is so beautiful and definitely makes a major statement. I would love to receive that as a gift for sure.

  26. I’ve really never thought to add gold into my gift ideas but why not. Those pillows and the silverware really caught my eye. I’d also love to have that cake plate to show off my cakes when I’m having a party for friends or family. I know quite a few on my Christmas gift giving list that would love some of these items as well.

  27. These are all so nice and thank you for sharing. I know someone who would love to receive a gift of gold. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and the gold Seashell Necklace will be perfect for her.

  28. Gold is always a great gift to most women & these are some great gift ideas especially for gold lovers. I am in love with that Gold Necklace, which looks awesome. The Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree looks pretty different too.

  29. Personally, I’m a fan of silver but I love those pillows!

  30. Alright, I so want that Seashell golden necklace. That is too cute and it would be beautiful black dress or blue dress. Chus Craft will have see a visit from me and maybe my other family members.

  31. I would have to say any gold jewelry would be fine for me!! I have never seen shoes like that before, I am kind of curious as to how they would feel. Great list of gold gifts!

  32. Wow, there are so many cool things here with gold. I would have to say that the edible gold and the gold flip flops caught my eye!

  33. I actually don’t care for gold jewelry! I know, I’m crazy for sure, right? But those serving plates and pillows are to die for. The gold accents I can do, just not gold on my body for some reason.

  34. I especially like the gold jewelry. The seashell necklace is just so pretty!

  35. Gold is so elegant looking! It always reminds me of one of my favorite historical figures, King Ludwig II. His palaces had gold EVERYWHERE! I do love that gold-edged cake plate.

  36. I love the gold rimmed dining pieces as they truly are elegant and very unique! Gold has a way of showing it is a superior product or just something that is classy! Gold never goes out of fashion no matter what it is!

  37. These are nice. I would love the gold pillows for myself.

  38. How elegant! Gold is such a beautiful color. Although I wouldn’t really want to have it all over the place. Lol. The shell necklace is something I’d love to get. Thanks for the list!

  39. I do love gold things. The silverware and cake platter are very nice.

  40. I love those serving plates – those are beautiful!!!

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