6 Reasons Xbox One Just Became a More Attractive Gift Idea

Xbox One Gaming Console

Video gaming systems and video games make an ideal gift for youngsters and teenagers, and as one of the leading options on the market, Xbox One will start becoming a more attractive gift idea in November – conveniently in time for Christmas. Two years ago, when the Xbox One first hit the scene, many diehard gamers jumped at the chance to purchase the latest, more-advanced version of their favorite gaming system. Others scoffed at the price, while some weren’t too happy about all of the new features (or lack thereof). Below, check out some of the reasons why Microsoft’s Xbox One is now a better gift idea than ever before:

1. DVR-Capabilities for TV Show Lovers

If you’re shopping for someone who loves watching TV shows just as much as their gaming, then the Xbox One getting DVR (digital video-recording) capabilities makes it a more attractive gift. Next year, they’ll be able to record television that feeds through their console with the help of over-the-air digital tuners and an external hard drive. Their shows will record in the background, and users can access them straight from their Xbox.

An instant-on mode will also allow recordings to start automatically.

Record TV Shows with DVR on XBox One

With the Xbox App (available on Windows 10), users can schedule recordings while on the go and stream recordings to their device. To enjoy offline viewing, they can also download their favorite shows.

2. Play Newer Xbox 360 Games on the Xbox One

One of the major gripes about the Xbox One was that you couldn’t play Xbox 360 titles with the new system. Since many users had already amassed impressive collections, this was a let-down that prevented some from upgrading their systems. However, in November, users will be able to enjoy backward compatibility with a select lineup of Xbox 360 games.

All future Xbox 360 games belonging to the “Games with Gold” campaign will allow Xbox Gold subscribers free games – all of which will be backward-compatible. Microsoft announced that 100 titles would become available within this program, and more to come in the future.

You Will be able to play Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One

3. Windows 10 Upgrade Beings Cortana

The recent Windows 10 upgrade that hit desktops, laptops and smartphones this year will also bring an upgrade to the user interface of the Xbox One in November. It isn’t a brand-new interface, but the upgrade means that users gain access to Microsoft’s Cortana – the voice-activated virtual assistant that will answer your questions while you’re on the Xbox One – if you have Kinect.

Cortana Comes to Xbox One

4. Hold a Conversation and Chat

Xbox One will also offer a new way to communicate with a Chatpad similar to the one offered in the 360 model. It comes with a connection for a headset and full keyboard, which plugs into the bottom of the Xbox One controller. This time around, there will be two programmable buttons available that can be used to gain easy access to screenshots, gameplay recording, and other features.

5. Exclusive Software

Microsoft announced exclusive fun for Xbox One owners, including the following titles:

Quantum Break, a single-player action, third-person shooter game set for an April 5, 2016 release. With a storyline centered on a time travel experiment, characters in the game are able to manipulate time.

Crackdown 3 is the third installment of an action-adventure, third-person shooter franchise that accommodates single and multi-players for open-ended gameplay. Slated for an early to mid-year 2016 release, fans should know that software experts say that Microsoft’s cloud computing technology is supposed to deliver 20 times more power than playing the game on a single Xbox One console. Therefore, multi-player use should prove quite the experience.Xbox One Game Titles

There are also plenty of new titles slated for the Xbox One that Xbox 360 owners will not get a chance to play, such as Kinect Sports Rivals, which actually captures your likeness and places it inside of the game. You get to challenge your friends and compete against opponents from around the world in bowling, tennis, climbing, bowling, target shooting, and soccer.

Halo 5 - Guardians

6. More Fun for Halo Fans

Halo 5: Guardians is set to release on October 27, 2015, and unlike previous installments which have been rated M for Mature, this is the first traditional Halo game marked with a T for Teen rating from the ESRB. Halo fans will also get a crack at Halo Wars 2 for Xbox One in 2016.

Share a favorite video game of yours or your kids below.


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22 comments on “6 Reasons Xbox One Just Became a More Attractive Gift Idea

  1. I’ve wanted one since they came out, but haven’t made the plunge yet – But I am hoping to soon!

  2. We would love to have an Xbox one. My daughter and husband loves playing the Xbox.

  3. My son has a 360 and is dying for an XBOX One. He loves Halo and can’t wait for the new one.

  4. Great to see you put the recording stuff at number 1. This is one of the best use of XBOX nowadays.

  5. This is a smart gift idea to my big boy he would love this xbox. Thanks for sharing this amazing idea.

  6. We love our xBox one – we still have the 360 too, but the One is in our family room because we do everything with it — much more than just playing video games!

  7. I did not knwo it had DVR capabilities too! Thanks for highlighting this today as my nephew will be getting one of these for Christmas!

  8. Still an Atari fan at heart, but the new systems completely blow me away! Xbox keeps outdoing themselves and this looks awesome!

  9. Whoa – the DVR feature is pretty cool! I had no idea it could do that. We’re still rockin our PS3 so it might be time to upgrade!

  10. Sounds great! I know my husband loves his Xbox One. When our boys are old enough to play, he’ll have some gaming buddies.

  11. My brother and sister in law would absolutely love to have this as a gift for either of them.

  12. This will be a cool gift to anyone who loves to play video games. My son would love this, for sure.

  13. I’m not a gamer, but I love how these consoles have multiple functionalities and not just for playing games.

  14. My family does not own an XBox and haven’t talked about getting one. I guess the boys are just too busy with school and are content with online games they can play. I will be sharing this post with some of my friends whose children love XBox.

  15. who doesn’t need one? That would be a tough answer! We don’t have one yet, but my hubby always talk about it

  16. I think my kids would flip out if I got an Xbox one for them. This would be an amazing gift for any video game fan for Christmas.

  17. We have a Play Station but I can see how being able to play older games on a new system would make it a more attractive system.

  18. I think the last reason of Halo 5 might be enough to make it happen for me!

  19. I haven’t tried the xbox one yet… My husband prefers the Playstation.. :)

  20. Hmmm, you might hate me for liking PS4 more than the Xbox One. It’s really just that I think Xbox is more high maintenance.

  21. My son has been asking for this for a long time now. I think it’s time we get him one.

  22. We have a ONE and kids love it. Very user friendly!

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