Gift Ideas for a Sixth Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for a 6th Wedding Anniversary

With the sixth year of marriage, you’ve most likely experienced a wealth of obstacles, heartfelt experiences, and triumphant milestones. The strength of your marriage continues to grow with each year, which is why this anniversary celebration pays homage to the resilient bond that two couples tend to share by this time. Below you will find a handful of sixth anniversary gift ideas that represent traditional and modern gift materials:

Sixth Year Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gift Materials6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Materials

  • Traditional Sixth Anniversary Gift: Candy or Iron, which symbolizes the security, strength and protection that comes out of a successful six-year marriage.
  • Modern Sixth Anniversary Gift: Wood, is a symbol of stability and strength achieved by a couple’s sixth year together. Its natural beauty is enjoyed for many years to come.
  • 6th Anniversary Gemstone: Amethyst.
  • 6th Anniversary Flower: Calla Lilies, which signify beauty, purity, elegance, sensuality, fertility, and rebirth in a marriage.

Since you’re now equipped with the materials associated with traditional and modern 6th wedding anniversary gifts, now it’s time to take a look at a few suggestions to get you started:

Wrought Iron Décor

The versatility of wrought iron can lead to fun gift ideas for both the indoors and outdoors. For someone who enjoys spending their time outside, wrought iron decor fits in well with gardens, outside walls, patios, and landscaping projects. Inside the home, think candlesticks for the dining room, wall scones for the hallway, or some of the wrought iron pieces shown below from Novica – ‘Ceiba’ Leaf Wrought Iron Candleholder Wall Sconce and the Dove of Peace Candleholder (which is also sold as a pair).

Wrought Iron Home Decor from Novica

For the sports fan or alumni, consider gifting NCAA collegiate wrought iron wall décor to decorate a man cave or office – available in a variety of colleges and sold on Amazon.com.

Cast Iron Cookware

Foodies will certainly appreciate a new set of cast iron cookware. To add a pop of color to the kitchen, consider the Martha Stewart Collection, where you’ll find cast iron casseroles, frying pans and trivets in shades of cranberry, teal, blueberry, green apple, cobalt, clay, butter, black, and strawberry. This particular collection is available at Macys.com.

Martha Stewart Collection Cast Iron Cookware at Macys

Iron Statues & Figurines

Fashioned out of iron, there are a vast number of online retailers who sell statues and figurines to fit any personality and interest. A few examples include the Cast Iron Hand Cigar Ashtray, Cast Iron Mermaid, and Stern Bulldog Statue – all sold at Iron Accents, which is an ideal place to search for iron-made items such as furniture, home décor, and other suitable gift ideas for a sixth wedding anniversary present.

Cast Iron Statues or Figurines sold by Iron Accents

Iron Wine Bottle Holder

For the wine lover, a decorative bottle holder for their favorite vino falls in line with the traditional material for a sixth wedding anniversary gift. You can choose from a single holder or a wine rack that accommodates several different reds and whites.

Iron Wine Bottle Holder

Lucky Horseshoe

Gift a couple celebrating a sixth wedding anniversary a lucky horseshoe made of iron, which symbolically stands for not only good fortune, but also strength and continued protection within a marriage. For example, Lucky Sole Horseshoes blends color, beads and charm accents to create one-of-a-kind decorative horseshoes with personalization.

Decorative Good Luck Horseshoes by Lucky Sole Horseshoes

Iron Clubs

When the love of your life is an avid golfer, then a sixth anniversary gift might be a no-brainer. Golf clubs make an ideal iron gift for those who love the game. With a range of styles, types and brands on the market, you have a lot to choose from. Don’t have a clue what to choose? Consider creating a PickUrGift Reverse Wishlist, and have your sweetie pick the 9-iron of their choice.

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates

Box of Artisan Chocolates

There are chocolates…and then there are gourmet chocolates – the kind that look like works of art. Usually, these sweets are made in small batches, where chocolatiers pay special attention to detail and the melding of premium ingredients. And online, you’ll gain access to a wealth of creative chocolate makers who produce stunning collections of sweets as gifts.

Examples of Cocoa Dolce Gourmet Chocolates

For example, the Kansas-based Cocoa Dolce sells eye-catching chocolates with impressive flavors, such as the domino-shaped Curry treat shown here made with coconut, Tahitian vanilla & Majarajah-style curry in a white chocolate ganache. The Amaretto sweet is milk chocolate ganache flavored with the sweet liquor which is rolled in toasted almonds. The pretty Tahitian Vanilla square is made with 57% bittersweet ganache, Stoli vodka and Tahitian vanilla bean.

Cocoa Dolce allows you to Build a Box by selecting from their lineup of artisan chocolates to create a 3-, 9-, 18- and 36-piece assortment.

Bouquet of Calla Lilies

Surprise your loved one with a bouquet of flowers containing the blooms that represent a sixth anniversary celebration. The Calla Lily stands for a heart-warming symbol of romance, beauty, fertility, and elegance. Send an arrangement to your sweetie’s workplace or presented in the morning for the perfect start to the day.

Calla Lily Jewelry for a Sixth Wedding Anniversary Gift

Calla Lily Jewelry

The unique and delicate shape of the Calla Lily allows artisans to create striking, handmade jewelry pieces that include the likes of the Women’s Floral Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring, ‘Calla Lilies’ (sold at Novica), Sterling Silver Calla Lily Necklace (by MDsparks) and Personalized Calla Lily Necklace (sold by Rose and Raven), shown above.

Amethyst Jewelry

Gifting a piece of amethyst jewelry not only pays homage to six years of marriage, but is also a double-winner when purple is your sweetheart’s favorite color. Additionally, keep in mind that amethyst is the birthstone for people born in February. If you’re interested in seeing the prices and finding out where to purchase the following jewelry pieces, check out our extended PickUrGift list for sixth wedding anniversary gifts:

Amethyst Jewelry for a Sixth Wedding Anniversary

A Small Tree

Whether potted or planted in the backyard, a small tree can serve as commemoration for six years of matrimony – it is after all…made out of wood.

Log Cabin Getaway

For the adventurous, outdoorsy types, perhaps a romantic getaway stay at a wooden log cabin is in order to enjoy a relaxing sixth wedding anniversary.

Rustic Wood Wall Art by Soul Tree Decor

Hand-Crafted Wood Items

There is a natural beauty found in items crafted out of wood. Handcrafted jewelry boxes, bowls, shelves, tables, desks, and decorative planters are just some of the things that represent a modern anniversary gift. The endless selections of hand-crafted wooden objects allow those celebrating a sixth wedding anniversary to choose something spectacular, eye-catching, functional, or decorative. Details about the options featured below can be found on our extended sixth anniversary gift list.

Wood Sixth Anniversary Gift Ideas sold on Etsy

Additional gift ideas made from wood can also be found on our post titled: Gift Idea: Wood-Carved and Wood-Crafted Gifts.

To find out the prices and direct links to purchase the gifts featured in this post, check out our extended PickUrGift list for six-year wedding anniversary gifts, which also highlights recommendations not shown here.

Which 6th anniversary gifts have caught your eye?

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In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

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