Cool Gift Idea: GoFish Cam for Anglers and Water Enthusiasts

GoFish Cam

The impressive capabilities and intense-action videography of GoPro cameras are allowing mountain bikers, hikers, mountain climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts to record all of their adventures…with some of these cameras possessing limited waterproofing up to 40m. Therefore, people who wish to record their fishing trips and other water exploits are limited…unless they have a GoFish Cam, which is fully waterproofed for up to 150 meters. Keep this gift idea in mind for the angler in your life, because it’s slated to hit the market in early 2016.

GoFishCam Captures Big Fish

What Can the GoFish Cam Do?

The GoFish Cam isn’t your typical ruggedized waterproof camera, as it specifically caters to people who are interested in recording underwater action. The 1080p HD color specialty video camera is constructed with a ‘tough armor casting’ and offers features specifically made to please the water enthusiast, such as:

  • Offers wobble-free underwater recording which attaches to a fishing line with the ability to capture action using a 170-degree wide lens. Users can troll, bottom fish and cast-and-retrieve with the camera.
  • With night vision and infrared capabilities, the GoFish Cam accommodates all kinds of fishing expeditions, as it sees everything under low-light and no-light conditions.
  • Exceeding the average battery life of a GoPro, a long-lasting li-ion battery allows users to record up to 4 hours of action with the GoFish cam, as well as recharge using a mini USB port.
  • Offers MicroSD card storage up to 32GB, HDMI output and replay.
  • There’s even a built-in microphone to capture triumphs-in-action, priceless reactions, and colorful commentary.
  • The nearly neutral buoyancy means that if a fishing line snaps, the camera is not lost.
  • With the GoFish app (for Android and Apple devices), users can boast about their latest catch, as well as share both edited and unedited footage on their social media networks.

You Can Share Your GoFish Videos

Who Would Most Likely Enjoy this Gift?

The GoFish Cam would make an ideal gesture for avid anglers, fishing buddies, fishing couples, tech enthusiasts, water enthusiasts, biologists who fish, as well as photo/video buffs who fish. It could become your next fabulous Father’s Day-, Valentine’s Day-, birthday-, anniversary-, and/or retirement gift.

GoFishCam Captures Swordfish

Gift recipients can use the GoFish Cam to:

  • Improve their chances of catching something.
  • Amaze, impress and educate kids during a family fishing trip.
  • Have proof that they really did reel in a trophy of a fish last week.
  • Create long-lasting memories of fishing adventures.
  • Gauge which bait attracts the most fish
  • View how fish actually attack the hook
  • Learn how to improve their fishing habits and approach

Anglers FishBefore making a decision to purchase the GoFish Cam as a gift, you should know that this piece of equipment works best on a taut line, meaning it makes an ideal gift for people who enjoy one of or all three kinds of the following fishing expeditions: 1) trolling (the drag creates constant tension); 2) casting (using a heavier lure leads to steadier footage; and 3) bottom fishing (where a weight is attached before connecting the camera to the line).

The creation of the GoFish Cam is also a family affair, invented by two brothers, Ryan and Brandon Austin. The underwater action camera is currently in a Kickstarter phase. Early-birds have been offered a special introductory price of $115. With the campaign ending September 1, the first GoFish Cams are expected to hit the market as early as March of 2016. Because of this, you might want to add this camera to a PickUrGift list for the future.

Do you know someone who would like the GoFish Cam?

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29 comments on “Cool Gift Idea: GoFish Cam for Anglers and Water Enthusiasts

  1. I am not a great fisherman so these would be great

  2. That would be awesome for a fisherman! What a great idea to start making this product.

  3. Where has this been all my life! I need this for my kids the next time we go fishing.

  4. Ooooo how neat is this?!?! My dads whole side of his family are big into fishing. They would all love this!

  5. My favorite type of vacay is a beach vacation so while I’m not a fishing person I do love getting shots while at the beach and I am not willing to suggest my DSLR to that salty air or the risk of getting wet, so the go fish cam sounds like a solution for me too! Thanks for sharing!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  6. We have a few friends that love to fish. I am sure they would love this. I will have to show this to them.

  7. Gofish sounds awesome! My son loves swimming in the ocean and I KNOW he would love that.

  8. Perfect timing! My father in law’s birthday is this week and he LOVES fishing! He would love this!

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  11. My dad and my brother love to go fishing. I am sure they would love to have this.

  12. How cool! That is awesome, and even I would love something like this and I don’t go out in the water much but when I do – this would be amazing!

  13. My husband would need this one ! What a great idea for a gift.

  14. What an awesome camera this would be! Imagine being able to catch the greatest underwater activities and would be perfect for any fishing trip!

  15. My mom is an avid fisherwoman and she would absolutely love this. Sounds like a great Christmas gift for the fisherman that has everything. Love the idea of this!

  16. my hubby would love it. i wish i had something like this

  17. That would be so cool for the scuba divers. It would even be cool if you just wanted to do a little snorkling in shallow water as well. That’s a really advantageous camera.

  18. this looks awesome, great for water enthusiasts! Especially for those who love fishing

  19. These look awesome! I’ve always wondered how to capture underwater moments without ruining my camera!

  20. Wow this technology is incredible. I love how they plan to incorporate sharing and social media into the app.

  21. This app would be great for those who love and enjoy fishing.

  22. My son would love this! It is very cool! I love how high tech it is without being hard to use.

  23. That’s pretty cool! I should get this for my husband. He’s a HUGE fisherman.

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  26. I have a friend who loves to go fishing. He’d love to get a gift like this.

  27. I don’t have any fisherman in my life but I can appreciate this camera, seems really cool!

  28. My dad would love it. He goes on a fishing trip every year.

  29. Ooh that seems so cool! I wish I had something like that when I lived in Hawaii!

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