Gift Subscription Box Ideas for Men

Monthly Gift Box Subscription Ideas for MenOver the years, the number of monthly subscription boxes has skyrocketed, and it seems there is a new one popping up every week. From ipsy to Love with Food, there are plenty of boxes centered on food, health, and beauty. Women can choose from an array of boxes filled with fashion, cosmetics, intimates and even bridal wear. Babies, kids and pets have their own options…so what about the men? Below, you will find a few gift subscription box ideas that aim to cater to the male population:

Bespoke Post

Noted for their high-end subscription boxes, Bespoke Post seems to follow a quality over quantity model. Therefore, instead of receiving a gaggle of sample products or small trinkets, gift recipients are treated to more substantial items in the lifestyle department. All items are curated to fit a specific limited-edition theme, such as the ‘Cheers‘ box shown below, which would make an ideal gesture for a beer lover. The boxes are also made to introduce subscribers to up-and-coming brands.Bespoke Post's Cheer Monthly Box Theme

The cost to join the ‘clubis $45 a month, where you’ll initially select a box to start off with. For each new month, you (or the gift recipient) will pick a new box after previewing a selection of available themed collections OR you/they could skip anytime. Those in the club also enjoy free shipping and hassle-free exchanges.

Bespoke Post Monthly Gift Box Subscription for Men

For $55, you can purchase one of Bespoke Post’s monthly boxes as a gift.

If you’re not ready to commit to a monthly subscription box like this, you can still browse the company’s store to find unique brands, products and gift ideas.

Bespoke Post - has a Store that you can ShopThe value of each subscription box is $70 or more.

Birchbox Man

Birchbox Man is a monthly subscription box that blends grooming product samples with a hodge-podge of lifestyle items that may include socks, belts, wallets, TSA-approved cocktail kits, and/or tech gear. Each box comes with a card which gives details on every enclosed item, as well as estimated prices. You also get a choice of one sample product to add to the box.

Birchbox for MenThose who currently subscribe or have subscribed in the past seem to describe the contents of the box as something geared towards:

  • urban/hip/professional young men
  • those who dress more professionally
  • for men who take their grooming seriously
  • a nice introductory for men looking to expand their grooming options

The cost of a monthly box is $20, with discounted prices if you spring for an annual subscription – breaking it further down to $16.25 per month. Birchbox gift subscriptions for men are only available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month increments, and deliver a collection of 3-4 personalized grooming samples, and one stylish accessory or gadget. A 3-month gift subscription costs $60; 6-month is $110; and a 12-month subscription is like getting 2 months free for the price of $195.

If your fella likes something in particular from one of the Birchbox Man subscriptions, the company does sell Value Kits centered on various brands, such as Art of Shaving travel kits.

Carnivore Club

If you’re shopping for a meat and potatoes type of guy, or one who is a food connoisseur, Carnivore Club is a monthly subscription box filled with quality, handcrafted artisan cured meats. Each box is packed with 4-6 meats geared towards putting a smile on a foodie’s face. A box could contain salami, artisanal jerky and/or prosciutto, including international selections such as Spanish Chorizo, French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, and South African Biltong.

Carnivore Club Monthly Gift Box Subscription for Meat Lovers


The items inside of the impressive packaging are ready to eat, and come accompanied by a description of each meat, including tidbits about their origins. For those who’d like to save a particular meat for consumption at a later date, refrigeration will extend the shelf life.Carnivore Club is an Ideal Gift for Meat Lovers


COST: Carnivore Club boxes are available for purchase as a single gift box with no commitment for $55; or $50 per box when a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly subscription is selected.


Described as delivering “the modern man’s pantry,” Mantry is just what their name suggests – a subscription box service centered on primarily satisfying the palates of male foodies. One of the initial things that recipients of a Mantry subscription often notice is the signature wooden crate used to package and ship their selection of gourmet food items. Each crate is filled with artisan products, accompanied by a fold out card that provides details on the origin of food, and who made it.

Mantry is a Foodie Subscription Box for Men

Although those who have received a Mantry subscription have praised the variety and quality of its contents, the price of Mantry is one of the costliest subscription boxes around – $70 a pop. During the holidays, the company does offer promotions, coupon codes, and chances to slightly lower the price. Offers to save big on the first box are also available, if you’d like to spring for a one-time experience.

Nerd Block, Arcade Block, Comic Block or Horror Block

For the nerdy or geeky man in your life, or for someone who is simply a fan of pop culture, Nerd Block offers a few subscription boxes with limited curated themes that cater to very specific personalities. Appealing mostly to those with a nerdy or geeky personality, the original Nerd Block Classic ($19.99)offers an assortment of collectibles, toys, gadgets, and a T-shirt.

Nerd Block and Arcade Block

Other offshoots of the company include:

  • Arcade Block ($19.99): Monthly boxes include gamer gear, collectibles, as well as a brand new T-shirt your loved one can add to their collection.
  • Horror Block ($19.99): Recipients get a horror themed T-shirt, in addition to collectibles, toys, comics, and exclusive artwork.
  • Comic Block ($13.99): A comic book lover will appreciate this box’s selection of goodies, which includes 3 comics (some could be variants or graphic novels); one exclusive T-shirt; and one comic collectible.

Comic Block and Horror Block

Fashion-Forward Box Subscriptions

For the fashionist-o in your life, there are several monthly clothing subscription boxes for men that send a variety of new wardrobe pieces at once, with most options allowing for the return of styles that do not fit personal tastes. A few examples:

  • Five Four Club: For $60 a month, a stylist will curate 2-3 pieces based on a style profile and measurements, which is worth $120 or more. A prepaid label is provided for size exchanges.
  • Frank & Oak Hunt Club: Prices per piece of clothing start at $20, and each month, they send out 5 items shipped to a recipient. They can return the items they don’t want…and only pay for what they keep. Also, there is free shipping both ways.
  • Button Up A Month: For $16.99, you can sign someone up to receive a men’s dress shirt every month. Members get a chance to choose the size and style.Frank and Oak Subscription Box for Men

There are also a few monthly subscription services for men that focus on T-shirts. To see a more in-depth overview on the clothing-related boxes for men, click here.

Monthly box subscriptions for men make ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Don’t know which box to select? Let the man in your life do the choosing. Create a PickUrGift Reverse Wishlist™ of possibilities, and send your hand-picked gift ideas to the one you love with the click of a button. Once they’ve made a final decision, you complete the purchase, and they’ll get the subscription that they most prefer.

What kind of subscription box

would you gift a fellow in your life?

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  1. My hubby would love Birch Box. This is actually a really great gift idea. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! I hadn’t heard of some of these.

  2. What great options for a variety of men’s interest. I know my husband would probably want quite a few of these!

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  5. HOrror Block would be a fun box to get once or twice, but I don’t know about many months? I do like Birchbox Man for my husband. MAntry and the Carnivore Club would be favorites for my husband.

  6. These are some real great ideas for gift subscription for men. The Carnivore Club is something I would love for my husband as it has most of the ones he love.

  7. Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many subscription boxes for men out there! I have several men in my life who would be all about the carnivore club!

  8. Between my son and my husband, we’d need one of each! I just love the idea of monthly subscription boxes! :)

  9. The Hop Tasting kit sounds interesting. This would make a great gift to men

  10. My husband would probably really love a food related subscription box. He is a big fan of cooking and eating new foods! He never goes shopping so a clothing box would be a good fit, too :)

  11. My bf would love the Carnivore CLub box! So many options for men now!

  12. My boyfriend would love the carnivore club box!

  13. My husband would love the Carnivore box!

  14. I feel confident my son would love that carnivore themed box. He is SUCH a meat eater, but all of these look fantastic.

  15. So many great ideas!

  16. What a superb list! I am always running out of men gift ideas, but this is just great! I have to go subscribe someone to the Carnivore box!

  17. This is so cool. I’m a woman, but sign me up for the Nerd Box and The Carnivore Club lol. How neat!

  18. Omg such a variety of boxes of men! I would of never known. I also had no idea burch box did one for men?! Too neat!

  19. These are really great options! I have only heard of a shaving subscription box so far but I love the idea of the Nerd Box and the Birchbox for Men…thanks so much for sharing!

  20. I had no idea there are also subscription boxes available for the men. These are all nice and if my husband was to choose, he would opt for the food boxes and the one with game gears.

  21. My husband did a beer subscription box last year and he loved it! I had no idea that so many manly subscription boxes existed. The mantry one I think would be my favorite one on your list.

  22. My husband would love the Carnivore Club for sure. Good to know that there are also subscription boxes for men.

  23. What a great idea. A perfect gift for the person who is hard to shop for.

  24. This has answered my prayers to all Father’s Day gifts and Christmas gift for the men in my life. What a great set of boxes to chose from and I think the Five Four box would be a great box for my father!

  25. Ooh I didn’t know they had these for the men! It’s a great idea and I love the Bespoke Post doesn’t just do samples. Well worth it!
    Thanks for these introductions!

  26. These are such great ideas. My husband received a Mantry box for Christmas and it was awesome. These are some unique ideas for his upcoming bday…thanks!

  27. Ohh! These are awesome. We haven’t tried any of the men boxes – mostly just food and travel. We’ll have to check these out.

  28. Thank you for sharing these great ideas, my husband would love one of these boxes :)

  29. I love the Mantry idea!! I only have a couple of people not checked off my Christmas list, and it’s men!! Now I have ideas…thanks!

  30. I have never heard of these! Brilliant idea! My husband’s birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get him – he would love getting a subscription box gift – it’s like getting a present all year long!

  31. I love these choices men are left out and I think they would love to have something they can look forward to on a daily basis. My hubs is a techno freak so give him something with technology in it and he is good to go

  32. I had no idea there were so many monthly boxes for me! Although I was aware of Birchbox Man and nerdBlock (but that’s more so for everyone not just men.) <3

  33. Wow, these are such great gift ideas. There’s not much anymore you can’t find in a box and delivered to your door, or to your gift recipient. Men are always so hard to buy for, and these will hit the spot.

  34. Wow, who knew there were boxes for men? Maybe I’ll get my husband one of these and he’ll stop complaining about me getting the one with the makeup…I’m guessing he’s just jealous!

  35. I love subscription boxes are they really are unique! They are great especially for men that can be difficult to buy for! I love the Cheers box and would be great for any beer lover friend or family member

  36. I Had no idea there were so many choices out there. I think my husband would like any one of these.

  37. These are great subscription boxes for men. I had no idea that there are many subscription boxes for them as well.

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