7 Unique Table Gifts that are Instant Conversation Pieces

Unique Table Gifts that are Instant Conversation Pieces

Some home décor pieces are meant to blend in and complement the rest of a room, while others literally scream for attention and are purchased to get people talking. Unique tables have a dual purpose – to serve as both a functional gift and in many cases, a work of art. While most of the table gift ideas featured in this post will most likely appeal to a distinct type of gift recipient with specific interests, styles, personalities, and extreme décor tastes – you never know when one of the following unique furniture pieces are perfect for one of your loved ones or friends…

1. Barnwood State Side Tables

Since this is a handmade item and includes recycled materials (reclaimed Tennessee barn wood and iron), this coffee table is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Handcrafted into the shape of the state of your choosing, this table allows people to represent their birthplace, hometown or favorite destinations in the U.S. – it especially makes a nice gift for a homesick relative. Distinctive patterns of weathering also add to the allure of these pieces. These are made-to-order items, which are sold exclusively at Uncommon Goods.

Barnwood State Side Tables

2. Nintendo Shaped and Inspired Coffee Table Base

Calling all fans of Super Mario Brothers! Definitely a unique piece for the avid gamer, the overall geek, or an old school fan of Nintendo, Geeks with Wood sells a table base that is fun for all ages. Nearly 100 of these colorful pieces have already been sold with happy customers remarking, “You really have to see this in real life to really appreciate it.”

Ninetendo Shaped and Inspired Table Top - by Geeks with Wood

3. Hockey Stick Table

Hockey Stick Builds is an Etsy shop dedicated to producing home décor for the avid hockey fan and/or player –ideal gifts for man caves, dens and play rooms. The Hockey Stick Table shown here is fashioned out of used sticks, genuine hockey pucks, and glass. Each item is custom made to order, such as being able to choose the stick color for the piece. The company also sells benches, chairs and side tables made from hockey sticks.

Hockey Stick Glass Table sold by HockeyStickBuilds

4. Wine Display Coffee Table

Handmade in New Jersey, this made-to-order coffee table doubles as a sophisticated wine display – constructed out of oak wood, steel, and glass. Just some of the ways customers have put this table to good use is by showcasing prized vintages and exhibiting anniversary bottles. The distressed white oak and industrial steel framework offers a piece that fits nicely into a wide range of interior design schemes.

Wine Display Coffee Table

When ordering this table, keep in mind that it takes 2-3 weeks for delivery with the option to have In-Home Delivery, which is scheduled by appointment and includes in-home assembly when needed. This is another unique coffee table sold through Uncommon Goods.

5. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Handcrafted from a whisky barrel and 19th century barn wood, ShopMakarios creates eye-catching coffee tables that add a charming, rustic touch with functionality. The hinged top opens and closes, so the barrel serves as a storage chest. The dimensions of this table are 29″ wide x 37″ long x 20″ tall. However, the artisans are able to make slight adjustments at the request of a customer. When given as a gift, keep in mind that the turn-around time for one of these coffee tables is 3-4 weeks.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table by ShopMarkarios

6. Dragon and Egyptian Design Toscano Tables

Wayfair is one of the largest online retailers in the world that specializes in home décor. When shopping for tables, the site has an interesting selection of quirky pieces. For example, a handful of options from the Design Toscano collection will especially appeal to those who enjoy fantasy, mythology, and ancient Egyptian culture.

Dragon Coffee Table and Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass Topped Console Table by Design Toscano

Shopping for a Dungeons and Dragons fan? The Warwickshire Dragon Coffee Table is a glass-topped piece offering a gray stone finish, and is just one of a few options available for dragon lovers. For someone who has an interest in ancient Egypt, the hand-painted Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass Topped Console Table delivers a classy, sophisticated appearance.

7. Mixtape Coffee Table

Although the price of the handmade mixtape-shaped coffee tables made by 214Graffiti are most likely out of the price range for many, but the intricate design and attention to detail used to create this classic cassette look deserves a mention. Available in three primary wood stain colors and styles (shown here), the hardwood tables definitely that brings back childhood memories for many – making it a fun gift idea for musicians, music lovers, DJs, and fans of the 80’s.

Old School Retro Cassette Tape Coffee Tables sold by 214Graffiti

Other features include:

  • A specially designed vinyl label sealed and protected with a clear epoxy coating.
  • At the center of the table, two stainless steel cup holders actually glow with the flip of a switch – powered by lithium batteries and LED lights.
  • The front shelf opens and closes with the help of a magnetically clasped wooden tape-run, which serves as practical storage space for magazines, books, and TV remotes.

Share the most unique table you’ve ever seen.

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In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

36 comments on “7 Unique Table Gifts that are Instant Conversation Pieces

  1. Those certainly are unique and would stir some conversation! My husband would love the mix tape one!

  2. I love the cassette player table! ! I need this in my life now!!!

  3. Some of these are way to fancy for me, but I love the wooden state tables!

  4. Oh my goodness, these tables are AWESOME! I really love the barn wood state tables, I’d love to have one from the state I met my husband and the state where we live now! :)

  5. Those are all unique. We haven’t had a coffee table in the house for quite some years though.

  6. Very interesting, I love the wine display table!!!

  7. Those coffee tables are unique and very creative. I think I love the whiskey barrel most of all. Bet my husband would love it too because he loves whiskey. :)

  8. These are cool, not really my style, but still very cool! I love the cassette table.

    I always say I need several houses to indulge my many styles. But for now, it’s a tiny European city center apartment : -(

  9. All these tables looks very different, unique and very creative as well. Mixtape coffee table and Barnwood State side tables are too cute. I would love to have them for my home as well.

  10. WOW and these are all great ideas! I love the Egyptian tables and of course the music themed table caught my eye right away! What great conversation starters all of these tables would be! After all, you already drew me in with my curiosity!

  11. I like the mixtape coffee table. I see my children asking what in the world it is supposed to be. LOL I still have a few of these tapes in a keepsake box somewhere.

  12. I think the mix-tape and the Nintendo tables are the most unique I’ve ever seen! How creative! I tend to pick more classical (and boring) coffee tables and spice up decor with smaller pieces. But if I ever have a game room, that mix-tape one would be awesome to own!

  13. These are great finds for gifts. I’m now thinking of having a table customized similar to that Nintendo wood table but with a different letter — probably the first letter of a friend’s name.

  14. These are cool looking tables. I currently don’t have a coffee table in our living room. I would like to add some end tables but I’m afraid they would be clutter catchers. :(

  15. My husband is a sports fanatic, so he would enjoy the hockey table. I am addicted to barnwood, so that table would be on my list.

  16. Those are wildly unique! My absolute favorites are the Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table and Mixtape Coffee Table.


  17. Those are some really neat pieces of furniture! I really like the coffee table that’s also a wine rack!

  18. Wow these are creative and unique. I’d have to say the wine one is my favorite. That is pretty awesome!

  19. Ha, I love to find things like this online. I think the state tables are cool!

  20. Those are very unique! I have never seen any of them before. I like the state tables the best.

  21. These tables are definitely unique. I think my husband would like the wine display table.

  22. Look at that wine table I know a blogger who loves wine and she would love that table. I love unique conversation pieces makes things very interesting.

  23. Wow those are really cool. I’m not sure which one I would want because I like them all.

  24. I laughed when I saw the cassette coffee table because my daughter’s generation will never know what those are! hahaha. The dragon coffee table is a bit scary, but I have many friends that would enjoy the wine rack coffee table because, hello! easy access! 😉

  25. Wow these are all so cool! It’s crazy how detailed these tables are. They’d add a lot style to a room.

  26. Those would make me smile. I don’t know if I would put them in my living room but they would make me smile.

  27. The mixed tape coffee table is AMAZING. Seriously. I wonder if my kid sister would even know what it was supposed to be. And as someone who writes about amazing activities in the Chicagoland area, I would love an Illinois shaped table–so cute!

  28. These are awesome coffee tables! I really like the Nintendo one and the wine rack table! Very cool!

  29. The dragon and Nintendo bases are my favorite. All of these are super cool, though!

  30. That Nintendo table would be great for a kids room or a game room! The state shapes are really cute too.

  31. wow these are really very unique!! I like the whiskey barrel one!!

  32. The wine display one is very cool. I bet everyone would comment on all of these the minute they walked into the room.

    • Yes, I think so too. My husband loves to collect wine and it would be a great way for him to display some wines from his collection. This table is definitely an instant conversation piece.

  33. These are some unique tables. My husband is a great Nintendo fan, but I don’t think he’d want that. He’d prefer the wine display coffee table.

  34. These tables are definitely unique. I don’t think I would want them in my home, though.

  35. These are all very unique tables! We are huge hockey fans, so I would love to get the hockey stick table.

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