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Makies Dolls - First 3D Printed Dolls on the Market

In the past couple of decades, toys have certainly come a long way in providing a greater range of diversity and representation for kids. The ability to purchase dolls, action figures and games that feature characteristics (whether it’s skin tone, hair texture, type of clothing or cultural uniqueness) is important to parents, gift givers and children. Toy companies have made efforts to broaden their brand and inventory, but the Makie Doll has definitely taken it one step further.

Just like people, no two Makies are the same.

The First 3-D Printed Doll

Although they’re not the first toy company to produce a more diverse line of dolls, the UK-based company, Makies,  is the first to sell this type of safety-certified 3-D printed toy at retail…in the world. The advanced technology used by the company generates a hand-crafted face that is individually constructed. Makies embraces the beauty of individual expressiveness and offers toys that promote a healthy body shape which strays from the ultra-slender physique of Barbie.

Makie Dolls Can Be Made to Resemble a Gift Recipient

The dolls cost $115 USD, and can be custom-designed for a young gift recipient. You’ll get to select the clothing they’ll wear, and indicate a preferred skin color, gender and hairstyle of the doll. Another hope of the company is to make dolls with facial characteristics that duplicate the appearance of a child – such as having the same birthmark.

Makies is the First 3D Printed Doll on the MarketCustomers build their own Makie doll at mymakie.com, and in two weeks, a custom-made 10-inch doll is shipped to their (or a gift recipient’s) doorstep. There is also an option to purchase pre-made Makies, which customers can ‘adopt.’ Sometimes, the company produces Limited Edition Makies, as shown above.

A Line of Dolls with Disabilities

Makie Sells Dolls with Disabilities tooHowever, what is really cool about Makies is that in response to a viral Facebook campaign using the hashtag #ToyLikeMe, the company has also answered the call to further expand the level of diversity available in their doll department.

The 3-D printing process used to create a Makie Doll also allows for the production of a line of dolls representing an array of disabilities, which offers a wider scope of unique possibilities for gifting a doll.

Their newest additions to the lineup include:

  • dolls with hearing aids
  • those that use walking sticks and canes
  • some with visible birthmarks and scars

In the future, the company hopes to launch a wheelchair-bound doll as well. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the company is currently gathering suggestions for new dolls on their website.

Accessories for Makie Dolls

The company also sells accessories, such as glasses, earrings, footwear and clothing (even really attractive knitwear), which are all purchased separately. Just added to their inventory is a handful of multi-colored hearing aids for the dolls, including cochlear implants. Also, if anything should happen to the feet, legs, arms or hands of a Makie doll, the company sells ‘Bits and Parts’ in various skin tones as replacements.

You Can Buy Wigs for your Makie DollTo change the look of a doll, a colorful array of wigs is also available.

You Can Buy Shoe Accessories for Your Makie DollShoes include the likes of cowboy boots, wedges, sporty trainers, sandals, industrial boots, and bunny slippers.

Accessory packs also help shape the personality of the doll, such as the Kawaii Accessory Pack shown above, which comes with Pink Cat Ear Headband, Yellow ‘smartphone’ with ears, Pink Cupcake Handbag with cherry, and Pink Bow Dolly Shoes.

Makie Doll Kawaii Accessory Set

Although the company is located in the United Kingdom, Makies ship worldwide, so you can gift one of these unique dolls to anyone, anywhere.

Also, there is free shipping to the US and UK when your purchase totals over $39 USD.

What do you think of Makie dolls?


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31 comments on “Cool Gift Idea: Makie Dolls

  1. This is a great idea! I think children would love this makie dolls because they can have dolls that look like them.

  2. I LOVE the idea of these dolls. I have a kid in a wheelchair that had a trach and still has a feeding tube. This would be perfect for him.

  3. 3D printing is really coming along. This is pretty cool technology.

  4. I have never heard nor seen these dolls, so thanks for allowing me to learn something new! They look really cool and seems to be the type of doll, one would really like to play with! I like the fashion and I always like the accessories!

  5. I have seen 3D printing an lot lately bit never in dolls!! These area so awesome and it really shows how far technology has come. Love it!!

  6. I really love this idea. I think my daughter would get a kick out of having a doll that looks like her. I love the uniqueness of these dolls.

  7. Wow, this is so awesome! I love everything you can buy for it too!

  8. I think the idea behind the Makie dolls is brilliant. What a way to use technology for the greater good. I cant say I am head over heals in love with the price tag, but I understand why its the way it is.

  9. OMG how cool are these dolls?!?! Finally a doll for every little girl
    Out there. Just love this whole idea!

  10. this is seriously a cool idea! I love that you can customize these for everyone! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I think this is an amazing idea and I’m so glad that there something like this available for children who might feel left out in terms of the diversity available in today’s toys.

  12. I know a few young girls in my family who would love one of these dolls for a gift. Thanks for the great idea!

  13. Those would be an adorable gift for my niece. I Can’t wait to try them out.

  14. I think this is a fantastic idea, and love that they are supporting children with disabilities. Far too many dolls resemble the ‘Barbie’ image and seem unrealistic. Thank you for sharing this with us! :)

  15. This almost makes me wish I hasn’t stopped collecting dolls, alas my collection was starting to take up space… and money. My daughter would love these dolls, though. :)


  16. These Makie Dolls are definitely unique! It’s pretty cool that they are 3D printer-made! And I love that they make ones with disabilities.

  17. These are so wonderful! I love how personal they can make them! What a great company!

  18. Kudos to the company who makes Makie dolls. I salute your effort in celebrating each child’s individuality. Thank you.

  19. 3D printed dolls that can look like you?!? What a cool idea! I think this idea could really take off!

  20. These are really cute dolls and I love the diversity offered. Every child is different and should be celebrated for those differences.

  21. Wow these are really cute. I showed my girls and they just thought they were fantastic!

  22. That is such a cute and unique idea! I love how you can really customize them for your child.

  23. This is so cute and I totally want one for my 3 year old. She has a distinct birthmark on her face so I need them to capture that in her doll.

  24. They’re cute. I have three boys and one girl. She never much played w/dolls, probably because she was surrounded by the boys. :(

  25. Finally a doll for everyone no matter what. I think this is such a brilliant product!

  26. What a great thing these are! I love that there is a reminder that everyone’s different!

  27. These dolls are so pretty. I love that they also make dolls with disabilities. There are so many children with disabilities and these dolls would surely inspire them.

  28. I have heard of 3D printing, but never in toys. This is definitely unique.

  29. I think Makies has a wonderful thing started and I hope they shoot for the moon. Two of my cousins had problems that “No other” child seem to have. My oldest cousin passed many years ago but he had MS and he felt totally opposite of the other children. A Makies Doll would have been wonderful for him. His sister was hearing impaired and other children teased her terribly. Oh what I would have done to provide her with a doll like her. I also love that they are not made shaped like a model “Barbie” but like average Children.

    • I am really interested in seeing what their new releases will include. I have never seen a doll that had hearing implants, and not just one type, but at least two or more different options. I also like that they resemble the shape of an average child.

  30. Wow these are really different and I like all the accessories too!

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