Gift Ideas for Fans of Batman

Gift Ideas for Batman FansKnown as the ‘Caped Crusader,’ ‘the Dark Knight,’ and Bruce Wayne, kids and adults of all ages are familiar with Batman. Born from a DC Comic and originally appearing in print in 1939, Batman represents one of the most popular superheroes in the history of fictional crime-fighting. Whether you’re looking for a present for a comic book fan, an old school TV show enthusiast or movie buff, it might seem a bit overwhelming when shopping gifts for Batman fans. To get you started, we’d like to share some of our suggestions below:

Batman Art

Although yellow and black are the signature colors of Batman, it doesn’t mean art gifts depicting the masked crusader have to follow suit. As seen in the following pieces, you’ll find plenty of creative interpretations of the popular hero on Etsy – from mixed media illustrations and paintings printed directly on vintage dictionary pages (sold by MEOWconcept) to the watercolor art prints on archival paper (sold by SchioStudio360).

Batman Inspired Artwork

Batman Jewelry

Handmade artisan jewelry for Batman lovers come in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, materials and styles. From wearing a bracelet with a bat accent to having the logo dangle from your neck, the endless creative ways that Etsy artisans celebrate Batman include the following:

Batman Inspired Jewelry

  • HardResols uses real circuit boards to create their Batman necklaces
  • For the ultimate fan, consider Valeria Fine Jewelry’s Batman wedding rings made from silver, gold, platinum, or palladium – and featuring your choice of gemstones
  • Silver Statements offers a best friend Batman/Joker ring set made of aluminum
  • DoubleBJewelry sells affordable gold- and silver-plated Batman mask necklaces
  • APpowercord makes Bat Survival/Paracord Bracelets for the rugged and outdoorsy fan

Bat Survival Batman Paracord Bracelet

For direct links to any of the above-mentioned gift ideas,

click here to see our extended gift list.

Batman Comforter Sets and Bedding for Fans

Batman Room Décor Sets & Bedding

For the ultimate Batman fan, a bedroom filled with logos and characters isn’t just for the younger fans. Enthusiasts of all ages may decorate a room with luxury comforter sets, curtains, sheets, pillowcases, lamps, and other home décor gems. Themed sets are always a hit with fans, as seen in the DC Comics Batman Dark Knight Twin Size Bed in a Bag Set (sold at Amazon.com). Geared towards toddlers and kids, the set comes with six pieces, including a plush throw blanket, reversible comforter, sheet and pillow case set, and Gotham alarm clock.

Batman Recycled Vinyl Record ClockBatman Vinyl Clock

To add a touch of quirk and personality to a man cave or den, The Vinyl Clocks recycles old, used records into handmade odes to your favorite pop culture characters and themes. Shown here is their Batman logo clock, which is made ready to hang on a wall; equipped with a quartz clock mechanism that produces no ticking sound; and is powered with 1 AA battery.

Batman Baby Onesies

New parents who love Batman generally enjoy baby apparel that pays homage to their favorite superhero. Shown here is a Batman and Robin Costume Infant Bodysuit Creeper set (ideal for twins), made by ECKDesigns. Made from 100% cotton, both of the onesies can also be bought separately.

Batman and Robin OnesiesBatman Socks

For adults, the Exclusive Batman Logo Crew Socks is a set of three pairs of officially-licensed Batman merchandise that fits shoe sizes 6 to 12. The pack comes with one pair of black/gray argyle with Batman logo; one pair of grey windowpane with Batman logos; and one pair of black with a trio of grey diamonds with Batman logos inside.

Batman Socks for Adult Men

For the kiddies, the Batman Toddler Socks offer six pairs that feature the iconic logo, Batman himself, the Batmobile, and other colorful designs in black, yellow, blue, and grey.

Batman Socks for KidsThe above sock sets are sold at ThinkGeek.com.

Batman DVD Collection

Batman DVD CollectionFor the film buff, Amazon.com sells the Batman DVD Collection which contains four movie favorites – starting with Michael Keaton starring as Batman in the first installment and again in Batman Returns; Val Kilmer taking over the title role in Batman Forever; and George Clooney’s interpretation in Batman and Robin.

ThinkGeek.com is a haven for officially licensed Batman gift ideas and other goods inspired by the DC Comics superhero. To browse a ton of creative gift ideas for Batman fans from the company, as well as other items featured here and sold across the Internet, don’t forget to check out our extended PickUrGift list:

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44 comments on “Gift Ideas for Fans of Batman

  1. My boys love Batman, that bedspread looks awesome I need to get that for them.

  2. The socks are a nice touch. My husband is a Superman fan and my son is a big Spiderman fan!

  3. My little guy needs his own bedding since he’s outgrown his nursery set. He’d love a big bat symbol in the middle of his bed.

  4. These are really great gift ideas. I know a few people that would love these type of gifts. Thanks for sharing these.

  5. What great ideas. My boys LOVE all things batman! They are huge fans and I’m sure they’d love some of this stuff too!

  6. I love Batman! These are great items i would love to have. I am going to pick up a few things.

  7. These are great gifts for any Bat Man lover. My Son would love these.

  8. I know many friends who are fans of batman. These are great gift ideas. I love the ring.

  9. I’m so getting that onesie for my son! It is adorable…! My husband loves Batman so he will be excited.

  10. Oh my goodness, I love all of these! I especially love the onesies, because babies look so cute in stuff like that! Thanks for sharing!

  11. And now everyone’s singing the theme song. Or at least, I am. 😉

  12. I love the Batman socks for adults. I want a pair!! Also think my daughters might like the jewelry. Only one way to find out!!

  13. These are all cool ideas. I like the Batman paracord.

  14. I fell in love with the beddings and the wall clock! They would be perfect for a boy’s room. I will be checking out their other items. Its never too early to start Christmas shopping! :)

  15. These are fabulous ideas! I am totally going to share this with a good friend of mine, who is obsessed with Batman!

  16. Both of my brothers are HUGE Batman fans! I will definitely keep this list in mind when their birthdays roll around!

  17. This is such a cool compilation! People’s creativity never ceases to amaze me, haha. I know a bunch of people who would love these things :)

  18. That’s really cool! I think my husband would love something like this. He is a comic book fanatic. I don’t know which is his favorite, but I feel sure he likes Batman.

  19. These are all great! I absolutely love the Batman Key chain. It’s adorable.

  20. These are such fun ideas! My son is a huge Batman fan and I never know what to get him but I got some great inspiration here!

  21. I am a HUGE Batman fan, so I want all this stuff. I think I NEED a pair or two of those socks.

  22. Okay, the batman and robin onesies are too cute! Way more fun than a traditional baby outfit, right? And that baby would be ready for Comic Con!

  23. My sister is a huge Batman fan. She would love EVERYTHING you suggested (well besides the onesies. She does not have any kids)

  24. This really appeals to the comic book lover in me.

  25. what great ideas I think we may see a few of these under the Christmas tree this year for in this house it is the big boys that love batman

  26. BATMAN!!!! Always been a favorite of mine and I’m so old school I still prefer the old t.v. show and Michael Keaton!

  27. My son and his fiance are having a batman wedding. So these ideas are all great.

  28. Batman is so popular! These are all great gift ideas for someone who loves Batman – like my husband!

  29. A couple of those necklaces are really fun! I like the baby onesies too. :)

  30. These are awesome gift ideas. My son and nephews are great fans.

  31. Love the Batman artwork! I’m not a huge fan but this is a piece I would purchase!

  32. I love that ring!! That would be perfect for the guy who loves this!

  33. These all look like great gifts for Batman lovers! Great picks!

  34. These are great ideas for my husband who is Batman obsessed! I will have to bookmark this for his birthday.

  35. Omg what cute and fun ideas these are. I don’t think I know any batman obsessed peeps, but if I ever come across one, I know where to look for ideas!

  36. That Batman and Joker ring set is really cool. My husband really loves Batman so I will have to show him all of these great gift ideas.

  37. These are such cool gifts. I know so many Batman fans who would surely love all these. The jewellery pieces are my fave!

  38. I bought my nephew a table and chairs once for Christmas. I put a pair of Batman socks on the outside of the gift to embellish it. He went nutso for the socks, lol. Turned out to be his favorite gift of the day. :)

  39. I am a BIG Batman fan of long ago and love all of the items you have highlighted today! I always wanted my own Batmobile and to live in Gotham City! I reckon it would have been fun to have a butler like Albert too!

  40. These are all so cool. My son is a great fan, he’ll love all these.

  41. My brother LOVES Batman and these are all great ideas! I especially love the handmade art. It would add such a wonderful touch of my brother’s personality to his house!

  42. My son is a big fan so he would like to have some of these especiallythe ring or the necklace. These are nice slections.

  43. These are all so great! My son loves everything super heroes, so I might have to get him a Batman sheet set to go with his Spider-Man set.

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