7 Online Shops for Buying Discounted Gifts for Book Lovers

7 Online Shops for Buying Discounted Gifts for Book Lovers

Shopping for a book worms or an avid reader? While tablets and e-readers are becoming increasingly popular amongst gift givers, not all book lovers have abandoned the need to feel the cover, smell the binding, and turn the physical page of a new publication. This means that you’re going to have to do a little online shopping to really find gifts for book lovers since the number of dedicated bookstores in cities are becoming a dying indulgence. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to save. Below are a few online book sellers that offer discounts on your next book gift:

1. Book Outlet

Book OutletBook Outlet (formerly known as bookcloseouts) is a bestseller across the Internet in the world of bargainbooks. The majority of their selections are priced 50 to 90 percent off the list price. You’ll find books for all ages, including coffee table reads, biographies, Tweens/YA section, arts and craft titles, DIY, and Finger Puppet Books for kids (as seen below).

Finger Puppet Books from BookCloseout

In addition to selling brand new books, they also have a scratch and dent section that helps avid readers save more money on their most-wanted titles. Sold as is, these books might have noticeable dents, scratches and other minor cosmetic issues such as a torn or missing dust jacket.

When you join their newsletter, you’ll receive periodic savings (such as $5 off coupons) and news alerts on the latest sales, promotional offers (like free shipping or saving on a specific category of books), and new arrivals added to their collection.

2. Barnes & Noble

Over the years, the physical book store has become a dying breed, and Barnes & Noble is still holding on to their brick-and-mortar presence – in addition to selling their publications online. Coupons and promo codes for this popular bookstore work both offline and online, which means that you can save more money on already-discounted books and gift ideas for the bibliophile.

Barnes and Noble Online Book Store

Don’t forget to check out the ‘Bargain’ section of B&N.com, where you’ll find clearance sales that take up to 85% off former bestsellers and top titles. You can also browse titles that are priced under $5 or $10.

Additionally, with a $25 B&N membership, you’ll receive free express shipping, in-store discounts, everyday discounts on purchases, and $50 in extra coupons for new members.

3. Alibris

AlibrisWith a selection of more than 175 million new and used books, Alibris is home to an array of new releases, best-selling authors, and the classics. The online book retailer is also a good place to search for hard-to-find titles and rare books, and out-of-print publications. To save additional money, don’t forget to check out Alibris’ designated ‘Sale’ category, which also includes deals such as “Cheap Books from 99 Cents.”

4. AbeBooks.com

AbeBooksConnecting book lovers to thousands of sellers online, browse the selection of publications sold at AbeBooks.com to find gifts that include first editions, large print, signed, used, and brand new books. One of the unique features of this online retailer is the Weird Book Room, where you’ll find some of the strangest, oddest, and most bizarre titles. You never know what you will find in this section.

From 50 Best Food Memoirs to 50 Essential Travel Books, the site also provides helpful resources that can introduce you to titles that might make ideal gifts for loved ones and friends.

Additionally, the site allows you to purchase international takes and unique cover art for some of your favorite classics, as seen below in the various covers for George Orwell’s ‘1984‘.

Different Covers for Orwell Book 1984

Customers often save money with AbeBooks.com by browsing titles sold by an array of different booksellers, as well as through free shipping offers. Many titles ship for free to the U.S. (and in some cases, worldwide free shipping is also offered).

5. Overstock.com

In addition to selling a wide range of discounted merchandise, Overstock.com also has a Books, Movies, Music & Games section that offers lower prices on many titles that include fiction, literature, children’s books, non-fiction, photography, reference, computer, crafts and hobbies, cooking, and biographies.

The website also allows customers to arrange alerts for price drops in publications you think would make future gifts for book lovers.

Book Categories from Overstock

6. Amazon.com

With discounted and free shipping offers, especially if you are a member of Amazon Prime, Amazon.com is a haven for book lovers with millions of titles available for paperbacks, hardcovers, and Kindle e-books. The online retailer has periodic promo codes and deals on books throughout the year, as well as ships books for free with $35 worth of purchases. They also sell multiple copies of one title from different sellers so that you can choose from varying price points and conditions for new and used books. The site also has a section where you can save up to 50% off select titles.

Best Books of 2015 sold on Amazon

7. eBay.com

Buy Discounted Hogwars Library on eBayLast but not least, we all know that any and everything is sold at eBay, including new, slightly used and rare books. When you’re looking to gift a book that completes a collection, find a unique signed edition, or save money on brand new titles, eBay typically provides a wide range of options to consider – from Buy It Now offers to auctions with starting bids. Some listings also ship for free or with a discount. You can buy one book, an entire collection, or an assortment of titles from one author. The possibilities are endless, and it’s quite easy to find book gifts that fit your budget more easily on eBay.

How do you purchase your book gifts?

Any money-saving tips to share?

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In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

35 comments on “7 Online Shops for Buying Discounted Gifts for Book Lovers

  1. ebooks is new way to read.I can read them faster than a paper book on my tablet.
    Nice post! i use most of the mentioned sites for my reading..

  2. AbeBooks is THE place to get any book you want for cheaper than you will find anywhere else! I have made more than 10 purchases from them over the years, the most recent a book from the 1980’s I read a lot as a kid. It was about $50 on every website, including eBay, which is another amazing place to score some cheap books. Abe’s had the book I was looking for for $12 and $1 shipping- super fast delivery!

  3. I love to visit Barnes & Nobles in person. The touch and feel of the books delights my soul. :) However, I don’t get to the bookstore very often at all. Instead, I find that Ebay, Amazon and B&N Online fill my need when I need to do a little book browsing or shopping. Out of the three, Amazon is my favorite because of the book page views they offer.

  4. Great options! I’m not as big of a reader as I use to be but this will be great for buying my kiddos books!

  5. I hadn’t heard of several of these sites until now. I usually buy surplus books at the library unless I get a gift card to Barnes and Noble :) I also love hitting up a thrift store to see what I can find!

  6. Oh man I do love to read. It’s been awhile since I just took a book and vegged out. :)

  7. I love ebooks. I can read them so much faster than a paper book. I read them on my phone. I usually pick up free books on several of the platforms that you mentioned.

  8. I will have to check these sites out. I love to find great deals on books. They make great gifts.

  9. My family loves to read. I like to look online before i go to the book store to see if i can find a good deal on the books i want.

  10. I have so many book lovers in my life that this is going to be a huge help! I pinned it to my Pinterest board “Books” to refer back to. I especially want to find that Hogwart’s Library because my daughter loves Harry Potter and this would be a great gift for her!

  11. We love Barnes & Noble and make a visit at least once a week. I always end up in the Children’s section which is fine because I’d rather buy books than toys 😉

  12. These are all awesome places to check out for discounted books. I have not heard of some of these but I will have to check them all out for my mom and sisters. Thanks so much for sharing. I do believe books make great gifts.

  13. This is such an awesome post! I love books and just keep finding myself buying more! I love reading while I am on the train! Its just peaceful and I truly love it! Thank you for sharing!

  14. I buy all my books on amazon, especially children’s books. I always get them at a discount.

  15. If there are two things that I love, it’s a good book and saving money. When I can get the two to go hand in hand, then I am one happy camper!

  16. My husband buys some of his books at Alibris sometimes. Which remind me that his enrolment is coming up again, that means books will be purchased once again.

  17. I’ll have to keep checking on these sites from now on. I’m going to be checking out Alibris right away!

  18. I’m a book lover so these sound like they would be great places to pick up new books at a decent price! Thanks so much!

  19. I said I would never give up the physical touch and smell of a book, but once I bought an e-reader I rarely read a for-real book. I do buy them for my grandkids and gifts for friends. These are all great places to buy books.

  20. I absolutely love books, and you posted some really great sites! I have only ever used abebooks for textbooks, but now I need to go on a hunt! Powells.com and half.com also have some amazing deals on books!

  21. Hooray for keeping printed media alive! Being able to access the classics on tablets and such is great, but there’s something about a well-loved book that’s comforting. One doesn’t usually turn to the internet for used books, but your list makes it a no brainer.

  22. I have only tried Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I love to read and I always buy books. I will check the other websites. Thank you for sharing this list.

  23. Barnes and Nobles has always been my go-to for books. I am a super bookworm and I honestly will splurge on book over clothes sometimes. I heard about overstock.com too so I should check that site out as well!

  24. I love to read and I signed up for a netflix type of account where I can get as many books a month as I needed. I let it go because I got so busy that I wasn’t utilizing it but I love Amazon too. Great list of books

  25. This is great. I’ve been all about reading lately. Mostly on my kobo, so I haven’t bought any new books except on there. I will have to check it out!

  26. Books are my way of taking vacation, since I can not afford them! I love reading! Most of these places is where I shop at for books! But there is a few I have not heard of so checking them out right now!

  27. Clearly I don’t read often, because I had no idea there were discounted sites for readers! Good thing to keep in mind, because my MIL and my Mom both read a ton.

  28. These are some really great resources you have included. I agree with you that you can find some AMAZING deals at Barnes and Noble…their clearance section is perfect for study and colorful kids’ books. I never thought of Overstock before…I would also recommend discount stores like TJ Maxx and Home Goods.

  29. We order pretty much everything from Amazon, but every now and then we hit up Barnes & Noble.

  30. This is a great post. I usually stick to ebooks for convenience. However, for really special books that I’m especially interested or love already, I’ll get a hard copy. You can’t beat the feel of real paper.

  31. I love books and ebooks and enjoy having both at my disposal. I do have some people on my gift list that only like the physical books. There were some places listed here to shop that I did not know about so I will have to check those out.

  32. I love books! I use the library a lot, but if I am buying them I almost always use Amazon.

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