Company Highlight: Symmetrical Pottery

Company Highlight on Symmetrical Pottery

When you’re looking for an eye-catching gift – one that doubles as a work of art and is also something functional – you may want to consider browsing the items sold at Symmetrical Pottery. Husband and wife team, Angi Pogue-Reed and Scott Reed, are behind an array of beautifully crafted decorative pottery gifts. In addition to creating unforgettable textured clay pieces, the artisans also fashion custom ceramic tile backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms. One of the distinctive qualities of the Reeds’ work is their attention to the textured side of detail.

Below you will get a sampling of what Symmetrical Pottery has to offer:

Shaving Bowls & Brushes

Ideal for anniversaries, birthdays and Father’s Day gifts, Symmetrical Pottery sells shaving bowls in a range of intricate, intriguing designs and patterns. In addition to purchasing a ready-to-ship option, customers may also place a custom order. The Dottie shaving bowl is one of the styles of sold by the company, which is purposefully made to create more lather, as the texture of the dots actually drums up more air for shaving soaps. The bowl is also made for placement in the sink to keep things warm.

Shaving Bowls and Brushes sold by Symmetrical Pottery

To accompany a shaving bowl, Symmetrical Pottery also sells handmade ‘best’ badger hair shaving brushes. Shown here is an alluring green marbleized acrylic brush handle that according to their Etsy shop, was turned on the lathe by Shawn Pogue of Pogue Wood Art of North Carolina. It’s truly a work of art, don’t you think.

Distinctive Coffee Mugs

When it comes to unique mugs, Symmetrical Pottery has two primary signature styles that truly stand out – appearing in variation throughout their shop with the option for personalization:

Spiky Mugs and Sheet Metal Mugs from Symmetrical Pottery

  • Spiky Mug: Covered in spikes, these mugs truly make an eye-catching, conversational piece – ideal for the eccentric coffee lover. Available in varying sizes and sets of multiple cups, dare someone to swipe this mug.
  • Sheet Metal Mug: Offering a more industrial look, the artisans offer various sizes in their sheet metal pattern – from espresso cup to 18-ounce coffee cup sizes. These pieces are made by carving the grooves in such a way that they resemble sheets of metal. The individual clay dots (or ‘rivets’) are added by hand.

Cookie Jar & Candy Jar

When shopping for someone with a sweet tooth, Symmetrical Pottery offers decorative jars to keep cookies and candy safe…maybe a little too safe, as seen in the spiky pattern below.

Symmetrical Pottery - Spiky Candy Jars

Some of the pieces feature the artisan’s signature spiky accents, as seen in the ‘Sweets’ candy jar shown here. For an added fee of $5, you can have the treat jar personalized.

Pet Treat Jars & Bowls

From personalized dog bowls to cat treat jars, you can shop an array of artisan pet gifts that can be customized to match the name of a pet.

Dog Food and Water Bowls by Symmetrical Pottery

You can choose one food bowl, or a set for food and water. They even make slow feeders for that over-anxious, hungry companion.

Symmetrical Pottery - Dog Treat and Cat Treat Jars

Create a Made-to-Order Listing

If you’re interested in placing a made-to-order listing for a custom piece, keep in mind that it takes 12 weeks. You can choose different color schemes, initials, names, phrases, and other details (in some cases). When purchasing the pottery as a gift, the artisans will ship directly to the recipient, and include a personalized card. All other in-stock orders are generally shipped out within one business day of purchase.

Symmetrical Pottery - Cookie Jars

Other pieces sold at Symmetrical Pottery include:

  • Decorative bowls
  • Personalized soup mugs
  • Teapots in sheet metal style
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Spiky butter dishes
  • Vases

What would you get from this shop?

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44 comments on “Company Highlight: Symmetrical Pottery

  1. Those coffee cups look like they would hurt to hold them! lol. Lots of cute gift ideas.

  2. I think I would have trouble choosing. Maybe, the dog treats.

  3. These pottery looks so pretty and awesome. I really like the colors as well. This would be a perfect choice & great add-ons for my kitchen. I really love the bowls and cups as well. Will have to check out this for sure.

  4. Pottery is always so pretty! That spiky cookie jar is really unique. I would love to have one of them.

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  6. I love the pet bowls,when I move I will have to get one for my dog.

  7. how cute and unique! I would love to have them in my kitchen.

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  9. No way! Oh, I want about fifty of these things for my house, forget as gifts! 😉

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  12. That shaving bowl is super nice! My husband would love it.

  13. I really love the spiky mugs. They are really funny and look great as well. I also love the pet food and water bowls.

  14. They certainly have a design signature that identifies them! Looks like a great variety of pottery too!

  15. I love everything, especially the cookie and pet jars! I will definitely have to check this out since I wouldn’t having one of these items.


  16. Wow these all look really neat! I would love gifts like this, they are so unique and different. I would love the cups.

  17. That shaving bowl and brush is such a cool idea. I could see my husband using that every day!

  18. These are cool pottery pieces. They would look cool in my house too. I need some new decor. I’ll have to check it out.

  19. I would LOVE so much that Sheet Metal Mug!! Also I’d love a cookie jar!
    Darn it, now I REALLY want to make some cookies!

  20. These are all fantastic products. My favorite is the spiky mugs. The pet bowls are so cute as well.

  21. Those pieces are absolutely unique and gorgeous. I so love it especially the candy jar. I want one!

  22. Oh these are all fantastic! I love the white spike cup. That is so gorgeous how fun! Would love the dog bowls too!

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  25. While I love everything on this list, the cookie jar slash candy jar is my absolute fave. I like that all the items here are double purpose but at the same time, they’re all very pretty and definitely lovely to give & receive … gotta check out those personalized soup mugs.

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  27. Oh, I love all of these pieces! I need some of these for my kitchen! They are so unique!

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  29. wow.. this is unique and different. I gotta check them out, I love finding new things.

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  31. The mugs look super cool! I really love the different designs, I’m a big fan of symmetry. I find it looks beautiful.

  32. Wow all of these are beautiful. I would love to get my dog the bowls and as a decoration the shaving stuff. We wouldn’t use it but it sure looks nice!

  33. That shaving ball is very unique. My Hubs would love to get it as a gift I am sure.

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  41. These are all so gorgeous. I’d get the shaving bowl and brush for my husband. He’d love it!

  42. I need one of those shaving bowls for my husband! Thanks you so much for the great post 😀

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  44. These are great! I love pottery. The dog food and water bowls are adorable!

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