8 Gifts that are Best to Buy in June to Save the Most Money

8 Gifts to Buy in June to Save the Most MoneySummer gets its official start in the month of June, and with it comes a lot of gift-giving occasions – from Father’s Day to graduations to birthdays. Thankfully, there are also a handful of opportunities to get good deals and not break the budget by purchasing the right kinds of items during the right time of the year. To save the most money on gifts in June, consider some of the following suggestions of what to buy and what to pass on if you’re looking to stretch your dollars:

Money-Saving Gifts to Buy in June

1. Tools

It’s probably a no-brainer why tools made the list – it’s a popular way to celebrate our Dads in June. You will find some of the best promotions of the year right before Father’s Day with plenty of discounts on home improvement equipment and power tools from the likes of Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and Sears.

Shop Tool Sales in the Month of June

2. Dishware

June also marks wedding season, which leads dishware companies and retailers to lower prices as a way to make it more attractive for couples to add collections to registries, and more affordable for loved ones to purchase the plates, serving sets, and glasses that newlyweds may need. Throughout the month, you will typically find discounts ranging from 25% to 50% off original prices. You can use these savings to buy a housewarming or wedding gift in advance, or outfit a college grad with their own set.Wedding Season in June Means Discounted Dishware

3. Gym Equipment

In an attempt to wrangle in customers feeling guilty about ditching their New Year’s resolutions, as well as compensate for the numbers of people exercising in the great outdoors, retailers will offer discounts and sales on gym equipment in June. Consider buying a treadmill for Mom, a weight station for Dad, or a few home gym options for a best friend. You might even find deals and summer promotions that allow you to gift Zumba, yoga, or aerobics classes for less.

Buy Athletic Apparel and Shoes in June for Good Deals

Additionally, when gift-shopping for an active or athletic loved one, keep in mind that fitness apparel, shoes and accessories also tend to go on sale in June, which means you can rack up savings of over 50% at retailers such as Puma, Adidas, and 6pm.

4. Designer Threads

As large fashion houses make plans to reveal their fall collections, you’ll get a chance to save money on designer summer clothing when purchasing in June. Shopping experts note that the latest trends in maxi dresses, tank tops, shorts, skirts, and crop tops become more affordable during this time of the year.

Victorias Secret Has a Semi Annual Sale in June5. Lingerie and Undergarments

Fellas, looking for a romantic gift? In an effort to keep up with Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale that takes place in June, a handful of retailers selling the same type of items will also slash prices on their undergarments (sometimes by more than 50%) in an attempt to attract customers. Keep an eye out for sales from Sears, Target, Spanx, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and Maidenform outlets.

6. Vacuum Cleaners

Did you know that newer models of vacuums are generally released in June? This means that you’ll find older models sold for a less expensive price. While it’s frowned upon to gift a vacuum cleaner for birthdays and anniversaries, it makes a good impression on new homeowners and newlyweds.

Mens Suits Go on Sale in June7. Suits and Men’s Clothing

If the man in your life (or recent college graduate) is in need of a new suit, note that sales on menswear tend to pop up around Father’s Day with promotions that often include Buy 1, Get 1 Free offers on suits, sport coats, and jackets. Also, Docker’s is known to offer menswear deals in June, especially in the days leading up to Father’s Day.

8. Cruises

You can thank Mother Nature for travel promotions and heavily discounted prices for cruises in the summertime (it’s hurricane season, after all), so if you’re looking to save money on planning a trip for your wedding anniversary or a birthday surprise, June is an ideal month to do so.

Hold Off a Little Longer Before Buying…

  • Grills: Papa might be the BBQ king of the neighborhood, but if you’re looking to save money on a new grill, avoid purchasing in June and hold out for the Fourth of July sales just around the corner, or even better – the months of August and September – when discounts can reach up to 50% off leading brands.
  • Apple iPhone - Best Time to Buy is in August and SeptemberPatio Furniture: The summertime brings an increased interest for patio furniture, which means retailers are trying to take advantage of the seasonal demand. You won’t start seeing sales until the end of summer hits.
  • Apple Products, especially iPhones: Technology gifts are quite popular, especially amongst teenagers, but if you’re thinking about gifting an iPhone or another Apple product – keep in mind that the best deals for this brand typically emerge during the months of August and September.
  • A New TV: Deals on televisions are quite scarce in June, and you might find that prices are higher than usual with fewer deals on popular models. As a rule of thumb, avoid buying a new television during the months of June, July and August. If you can hold off for a bit, you’ll find that TV deals start making an appearance starting in October.

Share your money-saving tips below.

Anything on this list that your household needs?

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  1. Love saving money. We need almost everything on the list, especially dinnerware. Mine are all broken and chipped after six grandchildren.

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  39. Isn’t it something how near everything has a cycle of ebbs and flows. In season and out of season. I would not have thought of tools making the June list. thank you for that. The grill was a shocker not being on the June list since I place grills and tools in the same purchase category.

  40. We need new everyday dishes, so this post came at a perfect time for me. Thank you!

  41. Ooo, I didn’t know June and dishes went togther. I’m so excited to know that. I’m constantly buying that kind of thing.

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