Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for a Fourth Wedding Anniversary GiftBy the fourth year of marriage, you are most likely well-versed in the types of gifts your loved one will enjoy. Your residence is filled with warm memories, and you may have already brought home one or two bundles of joy. If you’re interested in following the traditional and modern materials associated with choosing an anniversary gift, then you might need a few suggestions that help you stay in line with your fourth wedding anniversary. Below you will find a handful of gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing in the right direction:

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Materials

  • Traditional Fourth Anniversary Gift: Flowers and Fruit. Flowers represent how a married couple’s relationship has blossomed over the years, while fruit signifies a ‘fruitful’ union and is a reference to fertility.
  • Modern Fourth Anniversary Gift: Silk and Linen, which suggests quality and luxury, and Appliances, which follows the theme of building a home and growing a family.
  • 4th Anniversary Gemstone: Blue topaz.
  • 4th Anniversary Flower: Geraniums, which stand for comfort and gentility in a relationship.

Now that you know the materials associated with traditional and modern 4th wedding anniversary gifts, it’s time to browse the following suggestions:

White Lotus Flower Metal Wall Art by Ralph Burch

Lotus Flower Jewelry or Home Décor

When looking for a specific flower to zero in on for a fourth anniversary gift, consider the lotus flower, which offers many levels of symbolism – primarily based on the color you select. For example, white lotus flowers signify purity of the mind and spirit, while red refers to love and compassion. Overall, Buddhists view the bloom as a symbol of fortune. It’s a beautiful flower that grows in muddy waters, known to rise above the murkiness (or in relationship terms, personal obstacles), which is why the flower is also associated with faithfulness. Lotus flowers also make welcomed gifts for yoga practitioners.

Lotus Flower Rings by On the Rockss 70A few examples of lotus flower gifts include:

  • Rings in the shape of a lotus flower (as seen in the white gold, yellow gold and rose gold handmade rings with lab created diamonds from On the Rocks 70)
  • Lotus flower pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces
  • Lotus flower candle
  • Lotus flower dining room centerpiece
  • White lotus flower metal wall art (shown above is handmade artwork by Ralph Burch)

Floral Scented Candles

For a candle lover, a fourth anniversary gift is almost a no-brainer. However, you can enhance your level of creativity by using a photo of the two of you when ordering one or more personalized fourth wedding anniversary candles. Yankee Candle offers candles with custom photo labels for select scents, which come in a variety of sizes – from small tumblers to large jars. To stay in line with the traditional gift material, don’t forget to choose a floral scent, such as Lilac Blossoms, or opt for their Wedding Day fragrance. Sometimes, they will also offer seasonal fragrances for a limited time.

Yankee Candle Personalized Customized Candles

Rose Bush or Fruit Tree

Flowers for a Fourth Wedding Anniversary GiftTo commemorate four years of marriage, planting a rose bush not only falls in line with the traditional anniversary gift, but also creates a lasting symbol of your love that blooms every year. Another way to celebrate is to plant a fruit tree in your yard.

Another way to celebrate four years of wedded bliss is to send a monthly reminder of your love that is delivered on a regular basis.

Consider a flower-of-the-month club subscription.

Blue Topaz Jewelry

Novica offers a range of eye-catching blue topaz pieces that include the ‘Blue Star’ Blue Topaz sterling silver Solitaire Ring from India, featuring an emerald-cut pale blue topaz with sterling vine accents; the ‘Lanna Moon’ Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace (handcrafted in Thailand); and ‘Azure Heavens’ – the Handmade Blue Topaz Bracelet with Composite Turquoise from India.

Blue Topaz Jewelry for Fourth Anniversary - sold at Novica

Blue zircon is an alternative to blue topaz when shopping for fourth anniversary jewelry.

His & Her Silk Pajamas

If you’re looking for a joint gift to enjoy, silk pajamas or silk robes is a contemporary option that comes in a variety of colors, styles and designs. Choose a matching set, or opt for favorite colors.  Additionally, husbands can browse Victoria Secret’s lineup of silk sets, bras, camis and fancier items, such as the Silk Chiffon Ruffle Babydoll from Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection, for the lovely lady in their life. Consider a silk kimono for sleepwear. Other places to shop for silk sleepwear include Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, and Pajamagram.

Silk Bedding for a Fourth Wedding Anniverary Gift

Silk Sheets & Bedding

Give the gift of a luxurious slumber with a set of silk sheets to celebrate four years of matrimony. To get an idea of the different types of silk bedding available, browse ElleSilk.com, which showcases a range of bed linens, luxury comforter sets, pillowcases, bedding, blankets, throws, and duvets. ElleSilk is another place to browse for silk sleepwear with a wider selection for men’s robes and pajamas.

Silk Scarf for Fourth Wedding Anniversary GiftSilk Scarf

To incorporate the traditional and more contemporary fourth wedding anniversary materials, consider gifting a silk scarf with a floral pattern. Shown here is a Blue Flower Silk Satin Scarf with an ivory background, sold by Vogue Queen, which represents just one of many styles.

Single-Cup Coffee Machine

Appliances are also considered ideal for a modern fourth wedding anniversary gift, and if you’re other half is a coffee drinker, you may want to consider the convenience of a single-cup brewer, from the likes of Keurig, Nespresso, Hamilton Beach, Mr. Coffee, Breville, Bosch, or Senseo.

If you’d like a few popular kitchen appliance gift ideas, don’t forget to check out our post on 10 Appliance Gifts that People Really Use.

What 4th wedding anniversary gift idea has caught your eye?

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56 comments on “Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Fourth Wedding Anniversary

  1. Wonderful gift ideas here. Love the idea of planting a tree together- so meaningful!

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  3. Blue topaz is my favorite pick. My husband gifted me this ring last year as we celebrated four years of our union: http://www.angara.com/p/trillion-blue-topaz-gemstone-ring-sr0639bt.html. Nonetheless, that lotus ring options is also loveable and fascinating. Will ask my husband to implement this year 😉

  4. I love the Lotus Jewelry! Beautiful!

  5. All the gift ideas are amazing to be given at any anniversary. Mine will be third this year and I would love to get a brilliant ring like the lotus ring or a something equally sparkling.

  6. I love these sweet gifts they are very clever! I have to keep this site in mind!

  7. This post is fab! You never hear about 4 year anniversary gifts. I wish I knew about these gifts last year. Love them all!- Erin Kennedy

  8. These are great anniversary gift ideas. I have always loved Blue Topaz. I would be thrilled to receive one.

  9. These are great 4th wedding anniversary gifts! Now, i’m trying to think back and remember what I gave hubby as a forth wedding anniversary present.

  10. I’m absolutely loving these gift ideas, no matter which anniversary they were given on I would be happy to receive them! The blue topaz jewelry is stunning and I adore lotus flowers so I’ll just go ahead and say I’ll take the whole list! :)

  11. Anyof these gifts would be wonderful to receive as an anniversary gift, thank you for sharing! My favorite has to be the lotus flower ring.

  12. Great gift ideas for an anniversary. I might try the planting of fruit tree for our 12 year anniversary.

  13. I love all of these ideas! My sister has a 4th anniversary coming up. Thanks for the ideas!

  14. Thank you for sharing that the 4th anniversary is flowers/fruit and linen/appliances/silk. I will NEVER forget for my 4th anniversary my husband bought me a wok which at the time I thought was crazy but now I realize he was just following tradition :-) We are celebrating 17 years this year :-) Wonder what the tradition is for that?

  15. We just celebrated our fourth anniversary. Some of these would have been good ideas!

  16. These are all really great gift ideas. I am such a sucker for nice candles haha

  17. These are great selections. Do you know what’s a good gift for a 10 year anniversary?

  18. So enjoyed these ideas – we are beyond our 4th anniversary :) – but loved each one especially the 4th Anniversary Gemstone: Blue topaz and Lotus flower ideas! Thank you :)

  19. I really like the flowers. I have always loved flowers and wished I would get them more lol.

  20. I love all of these wedding anniversary gift ideas! I love learning about the traditional wedding gifts, they always have meanings behind them. I love the modern gift twist as well I would be torn what to give.

  21. Thank you for sharing! I did not know about the 4th anniversary being a special milestone, although I do think each year married is important to mark. That said, I like the rings

  22. OK so I may sound super ignorant but I never knew that there were gifts that you buy for an anniversary that represented anything. This concept was actually introduced when I saw the movie Gone Girl. What a cool concept though, I think it’s hard to buy anniversary gifts so having a sort of road map makes it that much easier I’m sure. I love the meaning behind the gifts.

  23. I had no idea that these were 4th year anniversary gifts! I have always thought it would be fun to buy gifts within the traditional anniversary ideas, but we always do something different. I really like the jewelry and silk scarf!

  24. I think I’d prefer vacations for each anniversary. XD Even if “all” I end up with is pictures to show for it. I’d prefer it over material things any day. :)

  25. Is it bad that I kinda want diamonds for basically every wedding anniversary? HAHAHA. I told my husband on our first wedding anniversary coming up that it was the ‘diamond year’. Turns out, after a quick google by me I was TOTALLY wrong. Whoops. I wonder what year 2 will bring.

  26. I still love the traditional wedding gifts. I think flowers and fruit can be given in so many different ways. I love the lotus flower ring.

  27. I want that flower by the bed. It looks beautiful. I also like the bedding but I don’t think it will last on us. My hubby moves a lot so do I.

  28. That’s such a great idea to post a list like this. I never have any idea the type of gift I”m supposed to give for each year.

  29. Woho, I never got one of these during our fourth wedding anniversary. I am sending hubby this list to make up for it

  30. I love all of these options. Everything is so pretty!

  31. Hold the friggin phone. You can get a Yankee Candle with your name and picture on it?! I HAVE to do this!

  32. So many great options!! We’ll be celebrating our 15th in a few months, so I’ll need a list for that, too – okay?? :)

  33. What a great list of gifts. I love the rings. They are beautiful!

  34. Whoa, I love lotus flower stuff! So unique :) That’s great they’ve been in business for so many years now.

  35. I love the idea of planing a rose or fruit tree together too. This is a lovely collection of ideas for that couple celebrating their 4th anniversary.

  36. I love the idea of planting a bush/tree together!! A friend of mine did this when each of her babies was born and that is a wonderful reminder of your love together!!

  37. These are great ideas. We are way past the 4 year mark and for every year we gave each other gifts, but we never really thought of following the tradition.

  38. wait can I request a do-over? I want that lotus ring, but looks like I’m 20 years too late :( great gift guide!!

  39. You know, I remember reading about the correct gifts to celebrate various anniversaries when I was a child. I haven’t seen the list again in years, though. These are wonderful ideas!

  40. These are great gift ideas! My husband and I are far, far beyond the four year mark. I wish this had been around when we were celebrating. These gifts are fantastic!

  41. These all look like such great anniversary gifts. I never remember to stick with traditional gifts…maybe I will for this time around. What is the traditional gift for 6 years? Other than ear plugs, ha ha…

  42. These are such great ideas. I would love that lotus flower wall hanging, or anything related to flowers, actually. My husband got me a cashmere blanket for one anniversary, so I would assume that some type of silk fabric throw or blanket would be pretty amazing, too.

  43. That was a long time ago for me. I think we took a trip on our 4th.

  44. We are past the 4th but these are really great ideas. I will have to keep in mind for some of my girlfriends. Some have 3, 4 and 5th coming up so I’ll have to keep these ideas in mind! I can’t even remember what my husband and I exchanged for our 4th but nothing this good!

  45. I like the wall hanging. We are headed into our 10th and had hoped for a trip but…kids:)

  46. I love those lotus flower rings! They are just so pretty. The lotus flower wall hanging is very cool too. The personalized candle is very sweet.

  47. those are all great ideas. My husband and I don’t exchange anniversary gifts actually – we go away for a weekend instead.

  48. My husband loves to buy anniversary gifts according to these traditions. I dont remember what he gave me for our 4th, most likely flowers. We have been married for 24 years.

  49. Oh I LOVE the idea of planting a fruit tree or flowering bush together! It would be so neat to watch it grow.

  50. I’ve never shopped by these markers, but the gift ideas themselves are fabulous. I’ve been missing out!

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