10 Giant Gag & Novelty Gifts to Make People Laugh and Smile

Oversized Giant Gag and Novelty Gifts to Make People Laugh and SmileSometimes, when you want to make a big impression with a gift, size does matter. “Giant” gifts are eye-catching, fun, make memorable conversation pieces…and oftentimes, bring huge laughs and cheer. The oversized surprises, humor, and playful nature associated with the following items make ideal ‘get-well soon,’ congratulations, happy birthday, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and I’m sorry gifts.

Worlds Largest Coffee Cup - Amazon1. Giant Coffee Cup

If you’re a coffee lover, then you may have already come across what has been dubbed as the ‘World’s Largest Coffee Cup’. You can purchase an extremely huge coffee cup for a caffeine fanatic, which holds 20 regular sized cups of coffee. Once the novelty of this gift wears off – they can use the porcelain mug as a planter, office décor, or an interesting centerpiece for a table.

2. Swimline Giant Ring Toss Game

When looking for a gift that will impress the kiddies, a giant, inflatable version of the classic game of ring toss could elevate pool and outdoor fun this summer. This gift is comprised of a target buoy and five giant tossing rings, where people of all ages can enjoy aiming to reach the highest score. And, you don’t have to own a pool to enjoy the fun – the game is equally as entertaining in the backyard or on a beach.

Swimline Giant Ring Toss GameYou can purchase this gift at Amazon.com.

3. Extra Large, Giant TV Remote

Do you have a loved one who is constantly losing their TV remote…always asking where it is? Consider an extra-large, jumbo TV remote that not only delivers a dose of healthy laughter, but is also fully functional. I can personally vouch that this gag gift for TV lovers goes over real well for laughs and ultimate conversation piece. I bought my Dad not one, but two of these (they came in a 2-pack; one black and one white), and the buttons even glowed in the dark. Definitely can’t misplace these TV remotes…

Extra Large Giant TV Remotes4. Giant Wooden Pencil

The Giant Pencil - sold by PerpetualKidA giant #2 pencil definitely makes a statement when it’s decorating the desk of a teacher; used as a stocking stuffer for kids, or serving as a fun gesture for someone who prefers pencil to pen (or typing). This pencil really works, including the eraser. It measures 14 inches long x 1.2 inches in diameter, and only costs $5.49 at PerpetualKid.com.

Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp sold by Perpetual Kid5. Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp

Available in Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, you never know when a giant lamp in the shape of an ice cream cone will make a suitable gift for someone. Brightening a bedroom with whimsy or adding personality to a home office, this lamp certainly makes an extreme conversation piece. The lamp (which is another PerpetualKid find) requires a 7 watt bulb to work. The power cord also comes with an on/off switch.

Giant Jenga Like Game sold by Giant Custom Toys6. Giant Jenga Game

Imagine how much fun a giant game of Jenga would be during a summer BBQ, outdoor wedding party, or when keeping the neighborhood kids entertained. There are several artisans on Etsy who have crafted a variety of larger-than-life Jenga games – available in different styles, colors, and designs.

For example, Giant Custom Toys makes a handmade Jenga-like game (shown here) that you can order with a natural look, deluxe or customized styles, as well as choose themes, such as birthdays, weddings, party games, favorite sports team, or have a company logo added on.

Giant Stainless Steel Flask7.One-Gallon Stainless Steel Flask

Although they won’t be able to tuck this flask into their jacket pocket or conceal it in any way, shape or form, Kotula’s sells a 1-gallon stainless steel flask that certainly makes a statement. Gift it to someone with a bar in their home; who entertains in their man cave; or use it to simply amplify a long-running inside joke.

8. Giant Chocolate Bars

To satisfy a chocoholic, gift a giant chocolate bar as a way to make a sweet impression on a loved one. Ideal for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holiday stocking stuffers, and to celebrate a ‘job well done,’ consider purchasing huge versions of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, York Peppermint Patties, or one-pound Hershey’s Bars, Snickers Bars, and Hershey’s Kisses.

9. Giant Candy

Giant Candy and Giant Gummy BearsGiantGummyBears.com is an online retailer that supplies sweet tooths with candy gifts that make a huge impact. You may want to consider gifting what has been dubbed as ‘the world’s largest gummy bear’ – available in a rainbow of colors and flavors, including pineapple, coca cola, fruity bubblegum, pineapple, sour apple, cherry cola, and grape. As you browse the company’s selection of giant candy, you’ll also find other sugary surprises, such as a Giant 1lb Sugar Daddy Pop; the World’s Largest Sour Candy Necklace (also available in Original), and a Giant Rice Krispies Treat, which weighs 2 pounds.

Looking for more options?

It’sSugar.com is another online retailer that sells oversize candy.

Giant Rice Krispies Treats

10. Sir Anthony’s Giant Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg with Baby Dinos Gift Box

Hollow Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Egg with Baby Dinosaurs InsideFor the young dino hunter in your life, they’d probably go wild if they received a giant hollow ‘dinosaur egg’ made out of milk chocolate that was filled with 6 solid milk chocolate baby T-Rexes, Triceratops, and Stegosauruses. Wrapped in orange metallic foil, Candy Warehouse packages this made-in-the-USA chocolate egg in a gift box filled with “prehistoric grass.”

What gift would you like to give or get super-sized?


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In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

41 comments on “10 Giant Gag & Novelty Gifts to Make People Laugh and Smile

  1. I really like the over-sized television remote control. Quite a gag and practical!

  2. […] Pool toys are also a hit, such as the Swimline Giant Ring Toss Game shown above that we mentioned in the 10 Giant Gag & Novelty Gifts to Make People Laugh and Smile post. […]

  3. What a great list! I think I would love the mug the most, definitely make anyone smile!

  4. I really do want that giant jenga, that sounds like fun.

  5. All of these are pretty cool. I think the giant ring toss would be super fun!!

  6. I love the giant remote for my husband. I’d also love it if there would be a giant Yakult, a yummy probitic drink.

  7. Okay- the giant ring toss looks really fun!!

  8. I would love some of those! Too fun!!

  9. Haha! Love the remote and chocolate dinosaurs! Gotta get me the ring toss too!

  10. I love the giant candy and ring toss. The giant jenga is also cool. I love gag gifts!

  11. That ring toss is my favorite. IT is so going on my wish list!

  12. OH MY GOOOOODDDNESSS! I can’t decide which one is my favorite. I think I’m going to order EVERY SINGLE ONE! The coffee mug, the lamp, the flask, the dinosaur eggs…too good, too good! Thank you for sharing!!

  13. These are all great gifts. I love the huge Rice Crispy treat. My kids would love the giant pool toy.

  14. These are great, only some of them wouldn’t be gags! I am always freaking losing the remote. And by most fridays I could probably use a HUGGGE flask LOL :)

  15. OMG LOVE! I want that coffee mug or flask! I could actually use both of those haha

  16. LOL – some of those are hilarious! I would love to get a couple of those for some people I know!

  17. I had no idea there were so many “giant” things! I know some people who would love to have that giant coffee mug! I’m loving that giant ice cream cone lamp!

  18. These are totally amazing hilarious gag gifts indeed to gift. I love the giant coffee mug and I would totally be utilizing it it for sure. I will have to check these out indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I would love to give that giant Rice Krispie treat to my son-in-law. It’s his favorite snack. My daughter would love that giant coffee cup! :)

  20. Some really fun gifts there! My other half would be delighted with the giant coffee mug, seeing as he drinks gallons of the stuff! I think the ice-cream cone light is super cute, it’d look lovely in a little girls bedroom I think :)

  21. The ice cream night light looks really cute, also a big fan of those chocolate dinos!

  22. That ice cream cone lamp is actually kinda fun! In the right kids room, I’m sure a little girl would LOVE that! Funny gifts though indeed!

  23. The oversized candy can make a kid smile, but one who is not fond of sweets might just give it away to others. Can we also choose the flavor?

  24. A giant coffee cup for coffee lovers will surely make a person smile. This also is a great gift for the person to always remember the one who gave it to him. With a personalized design, the coffee cup is a timeless item that can be given in any occasion.

  25. I’ve always been a fan of the eccentric gifts, or gag gifts. My husband would probably actually benefit from the giant TV remote and I would LOVE any of giant candy! I’ll have to take these into consideration next time I’m hunting for fun gifts! :)

  26. these are hilarious! I totally need to get that flask for my brohter! He LOVES to drink! haha

  27. Okay all of these are amazing. I would LOVE to get my husband that giant coffee cup. He could sure use it too, so it would be amazing to get! HAHA. Maybe for his birthday. So awesome. I’ve never really done a gag gift but a gag gift he can actually use? I’m all for

  28. Haha, these are fantastic! I think my favorite to give would be the giant flask for my hubby, the tv remote for my 92 year old Nana, and the coffee cup for my sister. I bet the packaging is really fun, too.

  29. These are really awesome! I would love to get the ring toss game. That would be so much fun playing with the family!

  30. These could be so fun! The giant pencil is such a classic. The coffee mug is insane!

  31. Whoa I’d love to give that huge chocolate thing to my little nephews next Easter – I love the chocolate dino’s inside, sooo wicked.

  32. OK … That flask is right down my alley! I have to go into the hospital next Wednesday, and I was joking with my husband about sneaking in a flask of Scotch. I wonder where I could hide that?!

  33. Wow, there are so many neat items you display. I remember getting an oversized pencil as a kid. I have also bought them for my kids. I think I would love the over size jenga game. I think it would allow for hours of entertainment in or outside.

  34. I love all of the giant ideas! Friends of ours played Giant Jenga on a cruise and absolutely loved it! They want to make their own set — I’ll have to tell them about this one!

  35. Such cool ideas1 My favorite one is the giant chocolate lol. Thanks for the great post 😀

  36. I know a few people who could actually use that oversize remote control! 😉 These are all super cute.

  37. Ok, I think I would love to get just about all of these giant gifts! I really want the ring toss game for our pool!! And I have played giant Jenga before and it’s a blast!

  38. I must say, that giant candy looks pretty good to me! The coffee mug would be just enough for some people I know!

  39. Those are all pretty awesome. I think the giant coffee mug is hilarious. I know a bunch of people that would get a huge kick out of it.

  40. So many awesome things here! I’d love to receive that giant Rice Krispie treat, and I know someone I’d love to give one of those giant coffee mugs to.

    I haven’t given a gag gift in years, thanks for reminding me of this option, and for showing gifts people would actually enjoy getting :)

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