PickUrGift Definitely Comes in Handy when Shopping for these Kinds of Gifts

PickUrGift Can Help with Hard to Shop for GiftsWith changing tastes, ever-evolving trends, seasonal colors and new personal favorites, some types of gifts are just plain harder to pick out than others. Fortunately, there are ways to make gift-shopping for others easier to accomplish – especially when you have a handy resource on your side. PickUrGift is all about simplifying the tradition of gift-giving. In a nutshell, you choose gifts you’d like to give (with an easy-to-use bookmarklet); send a list to a gift recipient; they pick the items they’d like the best; and then, you decide which gift(s) to purchase from their selections. It’s a win-win situation that helps avoid common gift-giving blunders…

Below, you will find a handful of gift ideas often viewed as the hardest to pick for others:

1. Use PickUrGift to Shop for Clothing Gifts

Whether it’s a winter coat, summer dress or pair of Levis, choosing the correct size and style is some of the trickiest things to achieve when gift-shopping for clothes. When you’re not quite sure where to start, turn to PickUrGift for assistance, which helps take a great deal of anxiety out of trying to purchase something that fits a loved one.

PickUrGift Can Help with Shopping for Clothes

It’s pretty disappointing to open a gift, fall in love with it, and then find out that it’s too small or large. Not only does PickUrGift help you get the size right, but also preferred colors, styles, and brands for the gifts you’d like to give loved ones.

How: When shopping for loved ones, add the clothing pieces you’d like to purchase to a PickUrGift list created specifically for the gift recipient. The PickUrGift bookmarklet works on nearly 100% of all websites that you use for online shopping. After reviewing your collection of gift ideas, email the Reverse Wishlist™, and then wait for a response. Once you know the top picks on their list, you can proceed by following the link on the list to complete your purchase.

2. Use PickUrGift to Shop for Shoe Gifts

What is an outfit without footwear? From strappy sandals to rhinestone high heels, when shopping for a shoe lover, it can be a daunting task to zero in on a winning pair. With PickUrGift, you still get to play an active role in the gift selection, but the final decision is up to the person who will be wearing your gift. Let them choose the color, style, and type of footwear they’d like to add to their shoe collection.

PickUrGift Can Help with Shopping for Shoes

How: While browsing footwear online, add your favorite selections to a PickUrGift list using the bookmarklet. Once finished, send your list as a Reverse Wishlist™, which allows a loved one to choose their favorites (complete with sizes and color preferences). You’ll receive their response, and make the final purchase based on the things they’d like the most.

3. Use PickUrGift to Shop for Purse Gifts

Did you know that the obstacles a husband faced when buying a Coach purse gift for his wife played a significant role in the creation of PickUrGift? There are so many different shapes, sizes, patterns, styles, colors and brands to consider – it can make your head spin – and sometimes, you need a little extra guidance in the right direction.

PickUrGift Can Help with Shopping for Purses

How: Use the PickUrGift bookmarklet to add an assortment of purses, handbags and clutches to a Reverse Wishlist™, which allows your loved one to select their favorites. Their feedback makes it incredibly easy to purchase a purse they’d definitely love to receive.

By the way, if you ever need a little assistance when shopping for a Coach bag, click here.

4. Use PickUrGift to Shop for Kid’s Toys & Games

Perhaps you’re an auntie with no kids of your own, or have a relative with specific guidelines regarding the types of toys and games they allow for their children. To avoid stepping on any parental toes, PickUrGift lets you choose creative and thoughtful gifts for kids, while also making sure that your selections pass the test with the “higher-ups.”

PickUrGift Can Help with Shopping for Kids Toys and Games

How: Simply add your picks to a Reverse Wishlist™ or regular gift list while shopping for young relatives by using the PickUrGift bookmarklet. When ready to share with parents, send your list by ‘asking for an opinion’ to get their seal of approval. In your message to them, ask the parents to identify suitable gift options. You’ll receive their response and can then easily purchase the gift by clicking on the link leading to the website where you originally found the item.

Question time!

What’s the hardest gift to buy for someone else?

Why? Share your experiences below:

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In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

19 comments on “PickUrGift Definitely Comes in Handy when Shopping for these Kinds of Gifts

  1. I just had my birthday , and received a gift list from PickUrGift. I am so glad I did. My awesome wife was trying to get me a drill. She had heard me say on many occasions that I needed an impact drill. However when I got the page it was full of normal drills which I have plenty of. I am so glad she didn’t spend $150.00 on something I already have. I sent her a comment back with a link to my wishlist which had the right kind of drill on it. I really appreciated her effort and was glad that we didn’t purchase the wrong thing.

  2. Funny that you showed purses since I’m looking for a new bag for my sister. She is going to a bunch of concerts this summer and I’m on a mission to find a perfect bag to send her!

  3. A Coach purse would be a lot of fun for me to get! I am loving these ideas! Sometimes I just get a gift card if I have trouble.

  4. Some people can be hard to buy for. They already have all that they want or the things they want are not affordable to most. Or, they are like my mom and are very minimal and want nothing. So, they get gift cards.

  5. Clothes is the hardest I find to buy for anyone. Tastes vary, sizes sometimes aren’t true and who know if something I like someone else will! It’s super hard!

  6. You curated some staple gifts that are really fun and wonderful to give! Thanks for the tips and sharing your ideas :)

  7. My other half is the hardest person in the world to buy for. He literally is the man who has everything! Everyone else is so easy :)

  8. My mother in law is hard to buy for… she doesn’t really like anything (she takes it back) and she wants you to spend a lot (because she spends a lot).

  9. I have never heard of this but it sounds like a great service to use just about any occasion., Sometimes it is hard to pick gits for different people.

  10. I am usually pretty good at picking out gifts for family & friends but for those stressed out days this seems great! Thanks for the share!

  11. This is an interesting concept! It might help me be better prepared for gift giving! I always end up waiting til almost the last minute and then I’m stuck for ideas. Having a running list of goodies to choose from would be smart!

  12. I usually don’t have a problem buying gifts. Usually it’s for my family and I already know what they like or what.

  13. Omg what a great idea!!!! I love buying clothing for kids. I’m probably the person every kid hates because they know they aren’t getting a toy lol…

  14. What a unique idea! There have been several occasions when I could have used this.

  15. HI Yona – Sounds like PickUrGift would be great for a lot of reasons – I’ve taken a look at the site and will wonder around it a bit more – thank you :)

  16. The hardest gift I buy every year is something for my very good friend who is also VERY nerdy. I think something like that Star Trek hoodie would go over really well.

  17. I never buy clothing as a gift unless the person is with me to try it on. PickUrGift could change all that.

  18. I honestly don’t think anyone is hard to buy for – I get pretty much everyone gift cards LOL. It works for lazy people like me….

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