5 Ways to Use PickUrGift for Book Lovers and Readers

How to Use PickUrGift to Shop for a Book LoverEveryone knows someone who enjoys a good book more than the average reader; collects bestsellers; or who simply loves expand their mind with new publications. When trying to pick the perfect book for a loved one or friend, it can get a pretty tricky. For many, they’d much rather do it themselves…which is where PickUrGift comes in mighty handy. You can create a Reverse Wishlist™ for the book lover in your life – you get to play an active role in the gift-giving process (instead of giving a gift card to Barnes & Noble), and they get to select an ideal title or gift.

A few ways to use PickUrGift for your next book-shopping adventure:

1. To Nurture a New Hobby

Book-shopping for someone who just started a new hobby is probably one of the easiest endeavors to achieve, and with PickUrGift, you’ll have a Reverse Wishlist™ complete in no time.

Zero in on solid How-To and DIY (do it yourself) books related to a new hobby.

Scott Kelby Digital Photography BooksA few examples include:

2. Enjoy a Win-Win with a Cookbook List

Some people have a strong fondness for cookbooks, and you probably can’t go wrong with a PickUrGift Reverse Wishlist™ that solely features a wide range of interesting and highly-rated cookbooks.

Sweet Out Best Cupcakes Cookies Candy by the Food Netwrok EditorsDon’t forget to add a mixture of titles that include:

  • Their favorite type of cuisine
  • Regional favorites
  • Cookbooks written by their favorite chef
  • Publications put out by giants in the food industry, from Betty Crocker to the Food Network. I personally have Sweet: Our Best Cupcakes, Cookies, Candy, and More (shown here) on my wish list.

When applicable, don’t forget to zero in on cookbooks related to dietary restrictions (such as gluten free cooking, diabetic desserts, and recipes for the lactose intolerance).

3. Add to a Collection from Favorite Authors

The Complete Works of William ShakespeareKnowing a gift recipient’s favorite author(s) or the types of books they usually purchase allows you to create a lovely PickUrGift list of possibilities that they may choose to add to their collection. When applicable, seek out signed copies, first editions, literary criticism, anthologies, or complete collections (from Shakespeare to Edgar Allen Poe to the Grimm Fairy Tales).

Also, consider adding a few biographies and autobiographies related to their favorite author.

4. Explore their Favorite Genre

If you know a gift recipient’s favorite genre…and would like to expose them to authors that write similar material, there are a few different ways to go about it. Conducting a keyword search and browsing genres featured online booksellers is one way to start.

On Amazon, you can narrow down selections according to New Releases, New York Times Bestseller Lists, and Best Books of the Month. Use the site’s Advanced Search feature to fine-tune your possibilities, which include browsing books by more specific genres; searching for collectibles; and even finding titles written in different languages.

To locate authors by genre, plenty of websites can help. One in particular, Fiction DB provides a subjective glance at fiction writers separated into more specific categories, such as Fantasy, Time-Travel, Historical, and Romantic Comedy/Mystery. The site also offers an explanation of the categories, author information, book titles, and other details, such as award-winning publications and whether an author pens a series.

Creative Book Ends for Gifts

5. Gifting Book Accessories

Art Print with WB Yeats Quote sold by Kriya GraphicsWhen shopping for a book lover, and you have no clue where to start…you can always create a PickUrGift list filled with items that an avid reader would most likely appreciate, such as:

  • Reading lights and lamps
  • Stylish magnifying accessories for the vision-impaired
  • Creative and decorative book ends, like the above giraffe creation and limited edition set sold by the Bradford Exchange, which commemorates the Washington Redskins football team.
  • Personalized Kindle and Nook covers
  • Art prints featuring a favorite author’s or poet’s work, such as the artwork shown here sold by Kriya Graphics which features a W.B. Yeats quote.

Where to Get Ideas for a Book Lover’s

PickUrGift Reverse Wishlist

When shopping for the avid book reader, consider taking a peek at their Amazon WishList (if it’s public), or browse their Pinterest Page to get clues. Add the titles that stand out the most from these resources to a PickUrGift Reverse Wishlist™ for them. Give it a try, you’ll both have fun!

Share your favorite book below,

or give a shoutout to the book lover in your life…


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In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

20 comments on “5 Ways to Use PickUrGift for Book Lovers and Readers

  1. This is perfect gift giving helper. I, for one, likes to receive gifts that I really like and can use. But sometimes, it takes the surprise out of it.

  2. This is awesome! I love reading and I am always looking for new and old books to buy. I try to read as much as possible so I can encourage my son to read more!! =) I am reading The Chronicles of Narnia to him now and he reads little books on his own. =) I do need some books ends though because my books are always leaning!!

  3. helpful post. . . i have a friend who’s a book lover and his birthday is by next week, i now have an idea of what to buy for a birthday present

  4. I love pickurgifts, it can be exhausting to think of what to give as gifts sometimes. Having ideas right away will be perfect.

  5. I have a friend who would totally LOVE An illustrated guide to yoga poses for beginners. She is trying to get involved with yoga and that’s such a smart way to do that. I am loving that reading light too!

  6. I absolutely love to give books as gifts, but sometimes I don’t know where to start. PickUrGift would be such an efficient way to get someone a book that they would really like. I will definitely look into it, being a book lover myself.


  7. I love the necklace for book lovers!! It’s fun to find gifts that theme around a person’s hobby. I don’t’ think I have ever had a book end in my house before!! Great gift list!

  8. Such great gift ideas for book lovers! You know what I liked best? The book accessories, going beyond and above the usual book gift or gift card for Amazon so they can buy what they want. The book ends are fabulous and also the frame with the favourite author quote – very unique!

  9. Thanks so much for the great ideas and tips. I need to get a reading lamp because I read on a daily basis and in poor light sometimes, at that. I will add one to my wish list and see if I can’t the right one for me.

  10. These days i usually just download PDF files to read but on the odd occasion if I really like a book I will order it online. I see that Amazon usually has the best prices so as long as the shipping is cheap I will order it from them, otherwise I like to order online from a local book store :)

  11. these are awesome ideas…thanks for sharing!

  12. I like these ideas. I could use some book ends myself & they always have a ton of neat options for those.

  13. I love the art print! That’s a great idea! I always keep a list of books so my hubby can see what I want next!

  14. Reading lights make excellent gifts for readers.

  15. Ok, I totally love these ideas! I really wouldn’t mind adding some prints to my collection.

  16. I am a huge book lover and feel that these are some really good gift ideas. I do book reviews or suggestions a LOT on my blog. It’s one of my favorite things to share.
    I also feel that PickUrGift is a great service too.

  17. A new reading light is an awesome gift!

  18. This is so true! For me, I often prefer selecting my own books (in store is best, online is good most of the time). My older boys are the same way – they want to touch and look through a book before saying, “Yes, this is the one I want.” One of my husband’s cousins collects a wide variety of books and while he does put things on his Amazon wishlist, it is more for him to keep track of the titles he has found rather than for those of us who shop for him to shop from. Your Reverse Wishlist would be helpful in that I could add the books I know he *might* need (or DVD’s or comics – he has a few collections) and see which he selects. Thanks for the great ideas! ~Adrienne

  19. You can never go wrong with accessories, right? A new reading light goes a long way for a book worm.

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