Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Third Wedding Anniversary

Gifts Ideas for a Third Wedding AnniversaryWith three years of marriage under the belt, it should be getting easier and easier to weed out the type of gifts that float your sweetie’s boat. If you’ve been following the traditional and modern material prompts for choosing an anniversary gift, then you already have a head start on the types of presents you should be on the lookout for celebrating a third wedding anniversary.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Materials

  • Traditional Third Anniversary Gift: Leather, which signifies the durability of a relationship, as the material is strong and flexible. It is this quality that contributes to the ever-lasting nature of a thriving marriage.
  • Modern Third Anniversary Gift: Crystal/Glass, to serve as a reminder of the dazzling effect and influence that a meaningful marriage can have on others.
  • 3rd Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl or jade.
  • 3rd Anniversary Flower: Fuchsias, which stand for a revealing love, good taste and friendliness.

Now that you know the materials associated with traditional and modern 3rd wedding anniversary gifts, browse the following suggestions:


New Midnight Tribal Leather and Pearl Wrap Bracelet - sold by Novica

Leather and Pearl Jewelry

Choosing a piece of jewelry that incorporates leather and pearls not only satisfies the traditional third anniversary gift material, but also one of the gemstones associated with achieving this milestone as a couple. Novica is a lovely place to browse leather and pearl creations such as their New Midnight Tribal Wrap Bracelet, which features iridescent black pearls hand-tied to a glossy leather strap with attached accents. Available in different sizes, this bracelet was originally crafted from an artisan in Thailand.

Ancestral Guard Cedar and Leather Bottle Case

Leather Bottle Case

Originating from the Andes, this eye-catching leather bottle case makes a lovely gesture for a wine lover, as the hand-tooled exterior decorates a cedar frame which creates an attractive piece of décor that holds bottles and any other treasures. Equipped with a wrought iron clasp and hinges, the Ancestral Guard Cedar and Leather Bottle Case is just one example of how to gift leather for a third wedding anniversary present.

Leather Handbag, Messenger Bag or Tablet Case

Whether it’s a Coach, Michael Kors or vintage creation, leather purses and handbags are a relatively easy way to gift a third anniversary gift for a woman. For the fellas, a messenger bag or case for a laptop or tablet (made from leather) would make a suitable gift, especially for the tech-savvy, businessmen, and/or frequent travelers. To heighten the gesture, consider looking into customization and personalization options, such as monogramming the gift.

Black Leather Beer Holster

Black Leather Beer HolsterThere are plenty of occasions, especially on warm-weather days when you’d like to keep a beer by your side. Especially convenient for the avid BBQ griller, the genuine Black Leather Beer Holster sold by HomeWetBar.com also makes an entertaining conversation piece. Keeping a beer can (or bottle) within a fingertip’s reach, a concealed suede pocket located on the back side of the holster also accommodates cash.

Leather Photo Album and Journals

Purchase a leather journal to pen brief love notes to your sweetheart, or personalize one as a thoughtful gesture for the aspiring writer, poet, or journalist in your life. Just take a look at the creative leather journals with ink prints by In Blue Handmade, which specializes in leather crafted items, such as the leather journals and sketchbooks shown below.

inblue Leather Journals

To take a trip down memory lane, fill a leather bound photobook with plenty of snapshots representing the last three years of marriage. Don’t forget to include summer vacations, family outings, sporting events, significant milestones, silly moments and sweet embraces.

Consider a leather day planner for the blogger in your life, as keeping organized is one of the keys to maintaining a successful blog or website.

Leather Roses for a third anniversary giftAdditional leather gift ideas for a third anniversary include leather cuffs (fashion accessories for both men and women); leather wallet; leather shoes or boots; leather gloves; leather jacket; and a bouquet of leather roses, like the ones sold by the English Leather Rose Company (shown here) – check out the site to find a rainbow of colors and themed leather rose bouquets.


Champagne Flutes or Crystal Wine Goblets

What better way to celebrate a third wedding anniversary than with a toast using a gifted pair of champagne flutes or wine goblets? Think about enhancing the meaning of this gift by having your names and anniversary date etched into the glass. Things Remembered is a good place to start when looking for etched champagne glasses.

Bottled Up Designs - Recycled Glass Jewelry

Recycled Glass Jewelry

For the loved one who adores shades of blue and green, recycled glass jewelry could become a real hit on your third wedding anniversary. For instance, Bottled Up Designs transforms reclaimed antique glass and bottles into dazzling handmade pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. These organic creations are truly one of a kind, which incorporate other recycled goods, such as sterling wire milled in the U.S. Browse the site to view a range of styles and designs, including filigree teardrops, closed spirals, cages, filigree boxes, filigree hoops, and glass hoops.

Effiel Tower Crystal StatueCrystal Sculptures

With an endless selection of themes and designs, crystal sculptures might be one of the easiest things to select when choosing a third anniversary gift that stays in line with the modern material for this milestone. Honeymooned in a memorable destination, or want to remember a special trip? Choose a crystal piece to place on your mantle. For example, commemorate vacationing in Paris with an Eiffel Tower Crystal Sculpture, like the one sold by Expressions Catalog.

One of the ultimate options in crystal gifts is purchasing a Swarovski piece, which is known in the industry for having an exceptional reputation for craftsmanship, variety and… high prices. In the company’s collection of crystal figurines, they offer a great deal of bird pairs – ideal for symbolizing a married couple. Below are just a few selections of Swarovski crystal pieces to consider (Pair of Blue Jays, Hyacinth Macaws, and Gouldian Finches):

Swarovski Crystal BirdsGlass Holiday Ornament

Especially timely if your anniversary is around the festive holiday season, commemorate three years together with a special Christmas ornament made out of glass. Choose a themed ornament that has meaning to your relationship – perhaps you both enjoy a certain activity together, or welcomed your first child into the world. There are also plenty of companies that customize holiday ornaments with names, dates, and even brief messages.

Leather or Crystal/Glass?

Which do you prefer for a 3rd wedding anniversary gift?

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In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

42 comments on “Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Third Wedding Anniversary

  1. For a third wedding anniversary, I prefer Crystal. Those lovely crystal earrings in particular.

  2. OH my gosh, this is perfect! This year will be my 3rd anniversary… now I dont have to freak out last minute! lol

  3. I like the leather and pearl. My wife is not a big leather person but I am sure she would like that.

  4. The leather bound photobook would be a big winner with me. It’s so whimsical I think and would be filled with happy memories.

  5. This is a great list! We’re on our 8th anniversary – it gets hard to come up with something to buy.

  6. Those are some really good gift ideas. Leather is always a great idea for any romantic gift.

  7. I love the idea of leather as an anniversary gift. The traditional gifts are so nice but you rarely see people using them anymore.

  8. I would love that bottle box. Its gorgeous but I would have to find a faux one. I love those journals too, but faux leather for me. I’ll have to show this to my husband. We’ll be on #3 this November.

  9. These are great gift ideas. I would love a leather bound journal.

  10. That crystal Eiffel Tower is pretty. I really like the glass jewelry too.

  11. These are great ideas. I really like the leather items.

  12. Oh my – love the leather and pearl – now you’ve inspired me to check out the specifics for our anniversary that is coming up soon – making it more memorable – thank you

  13. OMG these are some pretty awesome gift ideas!!! Loving the leather bottle box!!!

  14. My s/o and I have been together for almost two years… though we’re not married. I think he might get a kick out of that beer holster though.

  15. I wish you would’ve had this posted a couple months ago haha! I just had my 3rd anniversary and I didn’t know what to get my husband!

  16. These are awesome tips. We just celebrated our fourth anniversary! We have skipped the traditional gift ideas so far.

  17. i am not a drinker but that bottle holder is pretty cool.. I would use it all the time.

  18. This are really great gift ideas. I wonder what fun things there are for the 6 year.

  19. I love anything made of “crystal”! I think it really looks elegant and stunning!! :)

  20. Great ideas! We don’t really follow the suggestions for anniversary gifts, but if we did I would know where to come to find some great ideas!

  21. Those are awesome ideas. To tell you the truth, we always struggle on what to give as gifts for “off” anniversaries.

  22. These are wonderful gift ideas! i would definitely love something leather if i was celebrating a 3rd wedding anniversary

  23. Those are some really pretty leather gift ideas. I had know Idea that there were leather roses like that!

  24. These are all great gift ideas. Congratulations on your 3 years. I have to start thinking of gifts for my 20th in September!

  25. Those are all really great ideas. I do a lot of anniversary shopping at things remembered. They have lots of great gifts.

  26. No way! My third wedding anniversary is in two weeks! How did you know! Ha. I really like all of these gift ideas. I tend to collect pretty journals so I especially like that idea. Thanks for sharing!

  27. I didn’t know there were set items to get each year for married couples, oops.. Though each year, I got the same boring thing from my ex-husband. I just stopped caring honestly, no thought went into his gifts. I guess that’s why we’re now divorced.. Anywho, for how awesome it would be to get anything Crystal, I feel like the kids would break it. But it’s sure pretty to look at.

  28. What a great idea. My third wedding anniversary was a long time ago but I would not mind at all to receive a letter journal or one of those crystal sculptures for my next wedding anniversary :) Great tips.

  29. I am not married yet so probably why i did not know that leather was for third year anniversary. I love the options that you have suggested the leather bottle case speaks to me more than any other on your list.

  30. My husband and I always give each other traditional materials for gifts. For our third, I gave him a video game wrapped up in a leather belt. It gets harder every year. Copper, Bronze. Gifts for the guys get harder and harder.

  31. It’s hard to think of gifts to give to significant other when almost everything he wants to buy is affordable. These tips are helpful nonetheless since these gifts have more meaning for the anniversary. Leather belt and bag are great pieces that can be used every day.

  32. Since I’m vegan, we wouldn’t go for the leather of course. :) But I like the idea of gemstones, though. I love rocks and geology, and jade is one of my favorite gemstones. I’ll have to peek around on your blog a little more to see if there’s something on 6th anniversaries. Our’s is coming up!

  33. For our first wedding anniversary (which we just passed) we didn’t get each other much because it was “paper”. LOL. I had no idea what to get him but he ended up getting me a plane ticket to go back home for a vacation (with him of course). I’m not sure what I got him! I thought I got him tickets to something, but I’m not sure.

    Naive me thought the first year was diamonds and I was all ready to pick out another band for my wedding set, LOL. Oops. The leather year sounds nice – I’m a fan of leather shoes, purses, bottle cases (so cool)… you name it 😉

  34. That leather bottle box is amazing. I’d love one although I don’t have a 3rd year anniversary coming up, lol. I’ve heard that pearl or jade can be given but I had no idea about the other items so thank you. You’ve made my anniversary gift giving a lot easier.

  35. Really great ideas! We are long past the thrid anniversary. We’ve been married 8 yrs, together 10. I can’t even remember what we did on our third, or what we got each other. Oops. I love love love the idea of recycled glass jewellery though, that is amazing! I would absolutely love that and not forget it!

  36. I love that wrap bracelet! Also pretty perfect that it meets two of the typical anniversary materials.

    And I didn’t know that jade was a typical anniversary stone– but that’s my favorite. I know what I’ll be asking for when we hit our 3rd anni 😉

  37. My son is having his 3rd ann’y in August and it’s great to have some ideas. Although the beer holster cracks me up, I really lean towards the tower sculpture.

  38. PickUrGift was started because of a 3rd anniversary issue. Which leather purse to buy? Let’s create a gift list, a Reverse Wishlist, your gift ideas, their choice. You will give the Perfect Gift Every Time.

    Rick, Co-Founder of PickUrGift

  39. These are some great ideas.I love the Midnight Tribal Wrap Bracelet!

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