5 Ways to Share Your PickUrGift Lists

5 Ways to Share a PickUrGift ListWe have blog readers representing various levels of familiarity with PickUrGift’s concept (and if you haven’t checked out our main website, you can take a quick peek here); and today, we’re going to touch upon some of the different ways you can share a PickUrGift list.

There are probably plenty of times when want to keep a spectacular gift idea a secret, but what about those moments when you’re ready to unleash your creativity…and get an instant response?

1. Send a Reverse Wishlist™

It goes without saying that sending a Reverse Wishlist™ is one of our most unique options. In a nutshell, the Reverse Wishlist™ concept consists of a collection of your thoughtful gift ideas which are sent to a recipient who gets to select one or more presents that appeal to them the most.

You’re ‘giving the gift of choice,‘ yet staying quite involved in the entire process.

The Perfect Gift Every Time

PickUrGift provides the necessary tools for you to create, build, and send your gift lists; and if you ever need a bit of inspiration or fresh ideas…we’re constantly blogging about unique gift finds, company highlights, the latest trends, and gift guides.

The Reverse Wishlist™ is especially helpful for shoppers who are:

  • Caught between several different ideas, and having a difficult time making a final decision.
  • Unable to pinpoint the right size, color, or style for a gift.
  • Worried about gifting something the recipient already has (it happens all the time with baby showers and wedding presents).
  • Sick and tired of hitting the mark with gifts.

2. Set a Gift Page to Public

When you’d like to help the rest of the PickUrGift community and other browsers find gifts that fit a certain age group, special occasion and/or specific criteria (like Gift Ideas for Those who Love the Color Red), simply set your page to public and share with everyone.

The option to make your gift list public is found within your personal dashboard, under the red ‘Send Gift Page’ button. Click ‘yes’ to make your gift list public, as seen in the image below with the ‘4’ on it.

An Example of how Bloggers can Create Holiday Gift Lists

3. Send an Email for an Opinion

You might want to get a second opinion before sending out your gift list, and we have you covered there too.

How to Share a PickUrGift

List to Get an Opinion

How to Share Gift lists 1Need a gift list opinion1. First, you need a free, pickURgift account.
2. Sign in, and create a gift list or Reverse Wishlist. Each list saves to your personal dashboard.
3.  When you are ready to get an opinion, click on the name of a saved gift page you’d like to share.
4. Towards the bottom of the left sidebar (under Gift Page), you will see two options for requesting an opinion from others:

  • You can either click on “View Gift Page Opinion URL” to reveal a ‘View my Gift Page’ link that you can copy, paste, and send to others in a personally crafted email.
  • Or, you can add the email addresses of those you’d like to hear from in the spaces below, and click on the ‘Send to a Friend’ button.

PickUrGift will send the following message to those you’ve requested an opinion from with a link to your gift page.

Get an Opinion on a PickUrGift List

This option also comes in handy when you’re shopping for younger relatives or teenagers, and might want to run your gift list past their parents.

4. Send Your Own Wishlist

It’s OK to let people know some of the things on your personal ‘wishlist’ when they ask you what you’d like for your birthday, or Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Not only does speaking your mind save money, time and frustration, but people genuinely feel good when they’ve gifted a present that someone really wants…or really needs. Therefore, the next time someone asks what do you want for your birthday…you have the perfect response….sharing a PickUrGift wishlist.

Use PickUrGift to Send Wishlists

With the click of a button, send off a wishlist with a variety of items, and let your loved ones ‘surprise’ you with something you’ve been pining over or really need.

5. Supplement your Gift / Holiday Guides

And bloggers…when making gift guides and holiday guides…PickUrGift can provide an easy way to record your best picks without having to mention each and every one on your site. Simply store your finds in a gift list; highlight a few items on your blog; and then direct your readers to a PickUrGift public page that you’ve created. This approach also makes it easier for your readers to locate your gift ideas (and purchase if they’d like) from the original site where you found the gift.Bloggers Can Use PickUrGift to Supplement their Gift Guides

Out of all the ways mentioned here on how to share a PickUrGift list,

which one are you most likely to use?

About Yona Williams

In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

20 comments on “5 Ways to Share Your PickUrGift Lists

  1. This is a great idea.Takes the guesswork out!

  2. I am just creating an account and these tips are so helpful. You are new to me, but I just love this concept!

  3. I am going to check this out. This is the first time I encountered this idea. Thanks for sharing this too!

  4. This is so cool! I’ve never heard of PickUrGift before!

  5. I like that last example about featuring a few gifts, but having them all on a list off the blog. This is a neat idea!

  6. These are excellent tips. I like the idea of creating our own wish lists and sharing it with others. I don’t like giving gifts that people can’t use, so I’d rather buy off their wish list.

  7. What great ideas! I like the ‘Reverse Wishlist’ how fun.. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh my gosh I had no idea you could do this– In some ways it would be a lot of help,I love surprises so maybe this could/would help my friends and family thank you– this is working smarter not harder

  9. I don’t know. I really like surprising people and I don’t want them to have a clue! On the other hand I hate surprises..go figure. If someone did this for me I would be okay with it. lol

  10. I’ve never heard of most of these ideas before. So cool. A really interesting concept and different from the other choices out there. If you have to shop for someone that has everything, this might be your answer!

  11. I may have to give this a try. I have an Amazon wish list however I love your idea about the Reverse wish list. I will definitely be giving this a try.

  12. I’m loving this idea, I have never heard of it before but I do love it. Picking out gifts for my husband is always the hardest thing I have to do and always end up empty handed with a gift card (which I hate giving). I will have to tell him to do this for me and maybe I will have the best gifts ever (that he picked out on his own) 😉

  13. These are some pretty great ideas! I actually keep a wishlist because even I forget what I would like as a gift! I think it is a good idea, and I like shopping off wishlists – I’d rather make sure I get someone a gift they really want.

  14. I love the idea of the reverse gift this! That gives your friend a way to pick their own gifts but have it still come from you! Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

  15. I’ve never heard of this concept either. It seems like a great option for many different types of gift givers. I wonder, do they do the ‘experience’ type gifts? Like tours for different cities or gift cards to restaurants or event tickets? I’m more of an experience giver than a thing giver.

    • As a matter of fact you can definitely do “experience gifts.” If you can find it on the internet you can add it to a gift list! PickUrGift does not actually sell any items. Think of it as an all purpose shopping app that lets you capture and save just about anything you find on the web! Hope that helps. Good luck with your gift giving this year.

  16. Very interesting concept! I hadn’t heard of this site before. My girlfriends and I do gift exchanges each year and this would be a great site to use to create and share our wish lists with one another.

  17. This is a great way to get organized for the holidays and take some of the guess work out of the holiday gifts. I always hate when I get someone a gift and can tell it wasn’t exactly what they wanted. Great way for a blogger to organize their gift guide as well.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of PickUrGift! I think this is such a neat concept and would definitely want to use it. It’s so much easier to let people know what’s on your wish list than to do the coy “oh, I don’t need anything,” then make them guess.

  19. This is the first time I have ever heard of this. I don’t usually do a gift guide but I have been toying with the idea of it for this year. I will definitely give it a look see and check it out for myself. I love all that you can do with it!

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