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Prescription Coffee MugIn celebration of National Doctor’s Day (March 30), which celebrates the contributions that physicians give to their communities, we’ve decided to highlight gift-giving by profession today. Usually, events are organized by healthcare organizations to commemorate the “holiday;” staff hold a lunch; and/or presents are given as a token of appreciation. However, if you’re looking for doctor-related gift ideas for all year-round, we hope the following suggestions below will get your creative juices flowing:

Prescription Bottle Coffee Mug

Barware Decanter for DoctorFor the doctor who loves his or her coffee in the morning, this coffee mug sold by Gadget Bargains comes in the shape of a prescription pill bottle that urges users to “drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert” – definitely a gift idea that accommodates someone with a sense of humor.

Doctor Barware

Themed barware is a functional gift idea for doctors who enjoy entertaining at home. Consider glass decanters, decorative bottle stoppers, personalized wine coasters, and customized glassware as gifts. The featured glass liquor decanter is sold by Gifts for Professionals, and comes with a matching bottle stopper designed for doctors. Underneath the pewter emblem, there is also enough space to add a few engraved lines.

Doctor Say Ahhhh Wine StopperAnother drink-themed gift idea for a doctor is the humorous, basswood-carved bottle stopper below, which illustrates the all-too-familiar ‘say ahhhhh’ that doctors ask of their patients. Both the stopper head and base are signed and dated by the carver, Justin Gordon.

Business Card Gifts

When shopping for someone who has recently landed their first position as a doctor, consider gifts that fall in line with their new job.

Business Card Holder for DoctorsFor example, they may need something to hold or carry around their new business cards.

A few suggestions include:

Doctor Business Card Holder: Crafted from recycled steel and/or copper, decorate an office or desk with the medical-themed business card holder. featured here.

Caduceus Engraved Steel Card Case: Engraved card cases make thoughtful gestures for a doctor, especially for those just starting out with a new practice or hospital. We’ve featured a three-dimensional silver option in this post, which also comes in gold. Decorating the front of this particular card case is the caduceus. The inside lid of the top cover is an ideal place to personalize.

Caduceus Card Case for Doctors

Christmas Ornaments

When shopping for a doctor during the Christmas holiday, there are an array of fun and attractive ornaments that cater to medical professionals. Incorporating the doctor caduceus, Kyle Designs sells antique- and polished silver Christmas ornaments for physicians in black, purple, teal, blue, red, gold, and pink. You can also have the ornaments engraved on the back. The two shown are blue aluminum with sapphire beads, and aqua blue with peridot beads.

Christmas Ornament for DoctorsPhysician Postage Stamp Dispenser

Out of all the office supply gifts to give a doctor, this caduceus stamp holder is a highly functional, stylish accessory that holds one roll of stamps. Available in a wide range of color combinations, it is the brushed silver stamp holder with green and lime aluminum that you see. This made-in-the-USA product measures 1-1/2″ x 1-7/8″.

Postage Stamp Dispenser for DoctorsEngraved Rosewood Pen Set

Representing eight different specialties, including obstetrics, veterinarians, chiropractic medicine and general medicine, order the classic look of a rosewood pen set. PersonalizationMall.com sells one that you can customize with the engraving of your choice, such as a full name; or the name of a department, title, hospital, or medical practice.

Engraved Rosewood Pen Set
Doctor Skeleton Mini Bust

Doctor Skelton Mini BustFor the doctor with a sense of humor, there are plenty of gift ideas to consider, such as this detailed mini bust that can decorate an office, den, or fireplace mantle.

This hand-painted, durable resin piece certainly, which also comes as a Surgeon, makes a gag gift that will get people talking.

Cat Scan Print & Lab Report Print

Also, don’t count out office decor for doctors….

Art of the Print is an Etsy shop that creates quirky, creative works of art by combining dictionary pages, vintage illustrations or etchings, inks, and antique books. Featuring original artwork by Chris Brown, the ‘Cat Scan’ and ‘Lab Report’ upcycled book pages make delightful decor gifts for a doctor looking to add a little personality to their office. These gifts are also perfect for doctors with an artistic flair, or who love animals.

Lab Report Cat Scan Art Prints
To get the links to the items shown in this post, as well as see additional products, don’t forget to check out pickURgift’s extended list of gift ideas for doctors.

Take Me to pickURgift list

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  3. hahaha I just had the biggest laugh when I saw the Lab Report and the Cat Scan LOL My sister is a doctor and I never thought about giving her a personalized gift like these. Your post is genius!

  4. Totally love the coffee mug :-)

  5. The doctor barware would be perfect for my friend who recently finished medical school. What an awesome idea!

  6. I love the coffee mug – that’s priceless!! What great gift ideas!

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  8. I’m not a doctor, but I wouldn’t mind having a few of those. Especially the barware, it reminds me of some old apothecary bottle.

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  10. The pill bottle cup made me laugh as it reminded me of a health fair where they passed out M&Ms in specemine bottles

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