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10 Benefits of Using PickUrGift

giftboxWhy do you need something like PickUrGift in your life?

Our website provides a convenient service like no other that allows gift-givers to simplify the process of choosing presents for friends, family, and anyone else under the sun. If that alone isn’t enough to get you in the shopping mood, you should consider the following 10 reasons why you need to download the UR button, and start creating Reverse Wishlists™ and personal gift lists of your own:

1. It’s Free

Using and interacting with the PickUrGift site is completely free. We’re not trying to sell you anything. And, you won’t get an email from us asking for your hard-earned dollars, which we think are better spent on…you guessed it…the gifts you buy. Downloading the UR button doesn’t cost a thing, and you can create, save, and send limitless gift lists for no charge at all.

happycouple2. Feel Good About Your Gift-Giving

With a Reverse Wishlist™, all parties involved feel good about the outcome. Although the gift recipient is taking a more active role in the gift-giving process, you are the one who initiates and guides the process with your own ideas. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed… and you don’t have to worry about purchasing ‘unwanted’ or ‘unnecessary’ gifts.

3. Say ‘Goodbye’ to Multiple Bookmarks

Thanks to Cyber Monday deals, convenience, and exclusive promo codes, the number of online shoppers continues to steadily increase over the years. People typically “bookmark” websites as a way to remember future gift purchases. However, our centralized gift-gifting system not only makes it easy to store your gift ideas throughout the year (all in one place), but to also create separate, personalized lists for every member of your family.

4. Surprise Collaborations Made Easysurprisegift

Since PickUrGift allows you to share your lists with other people, you can still preserve the element of surprise (and still choose the ideal gift) without revealing your potential choices. For example, when a group of people are pitching in money to purchase a gift for a single individual, PickUrGift provides an easy way to kick around ideas. After brainstorming the possibilities, share your suggestions with the rest of the group. With a click of a button, everyone will receive a visually motivating list of ideas – complete with images, names, prices, and links to where each gift is sold. The feedback received will help make a joint decision much easier to accomplish.

Perfect for:

  • co-workers buying a retirement gift
  • siblings choosing an anniversary present for their parents

5. Avoid Misreading Gift Recipients

PickUrGift  makes the hardest gift-giving challenges easy to overcome when you share gift ideas with loved ones, and ask for their opinion. This especially comes in handy when shopping for kids. The latest toy crazes change at the drop of a dime, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to identify age-appropriate games for younger relatives. Send online gift lists to parents, and get their approval on what their child would like the most.

piggybanksavemoney6. Saves Money

When people get a gift they don’t need or want, it’s a waste of money….funds down the drain that could have been better spent on a gesture that would have actually benefited the recipient.

7. Helps with Sticking to a Budget

By adding ideas to your Reverse Wishlists™ that fall within the limitations of your budget, you can’t overspend when shopping for gifts.

8. Keep Track of Significant Details

Knowing (and remembering) as many details as possible about a gift recipient can make shopping much easier to accomplish. For example, you can keep track of clothing sizes, favorite colors, and significant dates (such as anniversaries and birthdays) for every one of your contacts on PickUrGift . You can also jot down notes that will affect the types of gifts you may select. For example, Jane Doe is moving from Pittsburgh to Newark in a couple months, and she’s a diehard Steelers fan – both key pieces of information to remember when creating a list of going-away presents that could make her relocation to New Jersey more comfortable.


9. Avoid those Awkward Moments

PickUrGift’s Reverse Wishlist™ saves loved ones the agony and guilt of showing false excitement for a gift they know in the back of their head is never going to get worn, used, or enjoyed. It also saves the pain of reliving these moments over and over again when giftees are under the impression that these kinds of gifts are valued.

10. Get the Gifts You Want Too

While PickUrGift offers the option of creating a Reverse Wishlist™  for family and friends, there’s nothing wrong with using the system to generate a ‘wish list’ of your own. As you online shop and browse, save the items that catch your eye. Therefore, the next time you hear someone ask, “what do you want for your birthday” or “I don’t know what to get you for Christmas” – you have a reasonable answer. Instead of saying, ‘I don’t know,‘ introduce them to PickUrGift.

About Yona Williams

In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

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