Apps for Amazon Kindle Fire

Pre-Order the Amazon Kindle Fire for Only $49.99 and Save Money for Accessories

From reading the latest bestseller to watching back-to-back seasons of ‘Orange is the New Black,’ tablets provide access to a high level of entertainment for all ages. Educational apps help supplement classroom studies, as well as keep kids busy during long car trips. Adults can easily get their TV-, movie-, music- and gaming fix by […]

Gamago Camera Lens Kitchen Timer

Cool Pocket Gadgets to Give as a Gift

“Good things come in small packages” is a saying that applies to the gift ideas featured in this post, which centers on exploring the intriguing world of pocket gadgets. Especially appealing to tech lovers who keep their ears open for news regarding the latest electronic gadgets, you’d be surprised with how many innovative inventions the […]

Parrot Jumping Race Drone

Yay or Nay? Giving MiniDrones as Gifts

The news is abuzz with the usefulness of drones and the fine line they can also cross in terms of privacy. From getting ready to start using drones to deliver packages to MiniDrone toys controlled by smartphones, an increasing number of people are expressing interest in having a drone of their own. Serving as […]

Handmade Collection at Hats at the Belfry

5 Online Retailers that Sell Hats for Men

Hats are a popular gift for many men – from caps that show their pride in a sports team to fashionable winter hats for special occasions – this fashion accessory usually gets a lot of much-needed use. Let’s take my father for example, he’s been pining for a straw hat for ages, which led to […]

Coffee + Alcohol - Merlot Infused Coffee and Coffee Liqueur Making Kit

8 Quirky, Novelty Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

For many, coffee is an important part of the day, and if you’re shopping for someone who is crazy for java…the possibilities of finding unique coffee gifts are endless. When you’re looking to surprise a loved one or friend with something other than a coffee cup, gift basket or bag of beans, consider the following […]


10 Benefits of Using PickUrGift

Why do you need something like PickUrGift in your life? Our website provides a convenient service like no other that allows gift-givers to simplify the process of choosing presents for friends, family, and anyone else under the sun. If that alone isn’t enough to get you in the shopping mood, you should consider the following […]

Gift Guides

Gift Ideas for a Sixth Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for a Sixth Wedding Anniversary

With the sixth year of marriage, you’ve most likely experienced a wealth of obstacles, heartfelt experiences, and triumphant milestones. The strength of your marriage continues to grow with each year, which is why this anniversary celebration pays homage to the resilient bond that two couples tend to share by this time. Below you will find […]

Gift Ideas

11 Gift Ideas for a Blogger

11 Gift Ideas for a Blogger

A new blog is born every second, right? Well, maybe not every second, but there are millions of bloggers out there – from product reviewers to kitchen dwellers sharing drool-worthy food photography. And with that, an exciting door opens to a wealth of gift ideas for the blogger in your life. Before embarking on this […]

Gifts for Everyone

7 Gifts to Buy in September to Save the Most Money

7 Gifts to Buy in September to Save the Most Money

September is a month best known for students shuffling back off to school and the end of summer (which is often marked by the onslaught of Labor Day sales). However, it’s also a time to save money on gifts by purchasing items that typically reflect their lowest prices of the year. Whether you’ve completed all […]


pickURgift FAQ

Students Can Use PickUrGift to Create a Wishlist for College Textbooks

Students Can Use PickUrGift to Create a Wishlist for College Textbooks

It’s that time of the year again…when college students pack up their belongings and embark on a school year filled with exams, lectures, term papers, and one of the most valuable resources of information…textbooks. Aside from room and board, college textbooks account for a nice chunk of change spent during the academic school year. Struggling […]


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